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pia mater, arachnoid, dura materWhat is the proper order of spinal cord meninges from in to outrespiratory diaphragmWhich of the followings is the main muscule of respirationconesWhich photoreceptors will produce color visionchronic fatigue syndromeThis is a disorder that is charcterized by general fatiguesympathetic and parasympathetic divisionsThe autonomic nervous system is divided into which of the followingto provide immunity against diseaseWhat is the function of the Lymphatic systemprotection, waste elimination, vitamin DWhat is a function of the Intgumentary systemthe hamstrings: biceps femoris; semimembranosis; semitendionsisKnee flexion if performed byfrozen shoulder; problems w/washing the back of thier hair; shoulder pain and weaknessA patient with rotator cuff syndrome may experincethe sternoclaicular joint is the only bony attachment of the shoulder girdle to the axial skeleton; paralysis of the deltoids can impede meovements of the shoulder girdleThe movement of the shoudler girdlegolfers elbowForceful repeated contractions of the flexor carpi radialis, flexor capi ulnaris and pronator teres amy result inmiddle deltoid and infraspinatusWhen reaching behind your head to comb your hair, what muscles are you likely to usemuscles that assist various organ functions throughout the bodyWhat are smooth musclesthe tibial thuberosity via the patellar tendon/ligamentWhat is the common insertion point for the quadriceps muscleshandswith rheumatiod arthritis, Swan neck deformities are located in theinflammation of the tendontendonitis isinjury to a muscle or tendona strain is asternocleidmastoidWhat is the superficial muscle on the anterior part of the neckbiceps femorisWhat muscle is part of the legsinguinal regionWhere is the pectineus locatedadductor pollicisWhich muscle is not part of the inner thigh musclesabdominal muscles(rectus abdominus. internal oblique and external oblique); hip extensors(hamstrings and gluteus maximus); psoas muscles(mostly affected)What muscles are stressed in Lordosis(Swayback)personal beliefs relating to what is right and wrongthe definition of ethicsself-awarenessKnowledge is power in business. What is the foundation of that knowledge?lack of discipline; zoning restrictions; family memebers not respecting boundaries; easy distractionsHaving a home-based business can be convenient; however, some disadvantages can include:show your locations conforms w/area plans and has adequate parkingThe purpose of a planning and zoning permit is to:financial riskChoose one of the disadvantages of being self-employed:$25When giving gifts to clients, the maximum amount you can declare per year per client is:It increase your client baset's in your best interest to have gift certificates redeemed because:ten yearsHow long should copies of tax returns be kept?When they have achieved measurable resultsWhen are clients are most likely to refer others to you?the point at which sales and costs are equalBreakeven is:procrastinationThe most common means of self-sabotage for someone who owns a small business is:between 4-20 secondsHow much time do you have to make a first impression?90%What percentage of clients will not return if unhappy with any aspect of your service?NCTMBWhat are the initials if you are nationally board certified?spiritWhat are the three things in a wellness model: Mind, Body andbusiness planningClarifying your business's purpose, stating a mission, setting goals, and determining priorities is called:mission statementA short, general statement of the business's main focus is called a/an:sole proprietorshipA business that has one owner is called a:in a good location; well established; reputableWhen buying an established business, make sure it is:liability insuranceThe insurance that covers costs of injuries occurring on your property and any resulting litigation is called:disbursement recordA ledger that separates and classifies every business expenditure is called a/an:owner's salaryAll of the following are business expenses exceptadvertisingThe marketing activity done in return for direct payment is called:referralsThe best and least expensive way to create new business is through:federal governmentSocial Security and unemployment compensation are two regulations of the:state governmentSales taxes, licenses, and worker's compensation are required by the:LLC members can determine thier own allocation of profits and lossesAn advantage to operating a business as a limited liability company (LLC) rather than as a corporation is:A reasonable amount based on the work that you doIf you operate your business as an S corporation, you must take as a salary:bunionsthis is a photo of what pathologyperitonitisInflammation:usually due to bacterial infection of peritoneal lining of the abdomen is calledbell's palsyweakness or paralysis of the muscles that control expression. Result in a droopy appearance of the face. doctors prescribe medicationpsoriasisThis is a non-contagious, non-spreading chronic skin desease with occasional acute episodesrheumatiod arthritisThis is a autoimmune diease in which cynovial membranes, particularly of the joints in the hands and feet, are attacked by the immune system agents. Other structures, such as muscles, tendons and blood vessels may be affectedshin splintsLower leg problems involving some combination of an injury to the anterior or posterior tibialis and possible hairline fractures of the tibia. These are usually brought about by overuse or misalignment in the ankletempromandibular joint disorderThis arises when a constant strain, stress and malocclusion of the jaw lead to arthritis, inflammation and dislocation of the tempromandibular jointheart attackDamage to the myocardium caused by clot or plaque fragment getting lodged somewhere in a a coronary artery, or atherosclerosis so complete that it deprives the cardiac muscle of oxygen is also known asinterstitial cystitisThis is chronic inflammation of the bladder, involving scar tissue, stiffening, decreased capacity, bleeding and sometimes ulcers in the bladder wallsankylosing spondylitisProgressive arthritis of the spine may lead tocontracturePermanently shortened muscles of muscle gruops that are surrounded by thick, contracted fasciabecause of thr decending aortaWhy must a therapist be concerned with putting to much pressure on the linea albain the medial thigh regionWhere is the femoral triangle locatedcentripetallyWhat is the direction in which pressure should be applie when working on the extremitiesabsolutecontraindication in which massage is inappropriate is, not advised, and may be harmful to the clientvibrationrapid shaking, quvering, trembling applied w/the fingertipsrange of motionWhicch of the following best describes movement around a joint or sets of jointsside-lying positionRecumbent position preferred for pregnancy, for some elderly people, in cases of recent surgeries, as well as for various other conditions is calledtapotementrepetitive staccato striking movements of the therapist hands on the client's skin: Which of the following aids in decongesting the lungs by lossening and mobilizing phlegm in the respiratory tract32F to 124 degrees Fgoing beyond which water temperature range can cause tissue damageactive resisted movementstherapist applied gentle resistance while client client is actively engaged in a movementlocalcontraindications in which massage can be administered while avoiding the infected area or the area in questionhunting responseDuring the application of cold, cycles of vasoconstriection and vasodialation occur. This up-and-down cycle is known as whatcontrast methodWhich of the following describes heat and cold combined in the same treatment?frictionThe best stroke for promoting proper scar formation iseffleuragegliding movements that are repeated and follow the contour of the client's bodyfatigueAnemia also contributes to what other common complaint in pregnant womencontraindicationthe presence of a disease or physical condition that makes treating a particular client in the usual manner impossible or undesirableCode of ethicsset of guiding moral principles that members of particular professions are expected to followdermistrue skinbody mechanicsthe proper use of postural techniques to deliver massage therapy/ the utmost efficiency and least amount of trauma to the therapistmechanical responsea physiological response caused by stimulated nervesmassagea systematic and scientific manipulation of soft tissues of the body for the purpose of obtaining or maintaining healthendangerment sitesareas of the body that contain superficial delicate structures that are relatively unprotected and are therefore prone to injurystretchingDrawing out a single muscle(and its synergists) to its fullest length is calledentering the room before the client is completely draped or dressedWhich of the following would be considered sexual misconductawareness,clarity, appropriateness, flexibility and adaptabilityWhich of the following is a characteristic of a healthy boundarytelling a thrid party that someone is a clientThe following would be a breach of client confidentialityStandards of practiceA list of standards to assist the professional in making good decisions while conducting day to day responsibilities within his or her scope of practice.LicensureThis is mandatory process to be completed to engage in an occupation that would otherwise be considered unlawful.Client neglectThis is unintentional physical or emotional harm that the client sustains resulting from lack of knowledge or insensitivity on the therapist behalf.IntimacyThis is a sensual bond to another that involves choice, mutuality, reciprocity, trust and delight.ConfidentialityThis is the duty of all massage therapists and provides nondisclosure of privileged information.Standards of practicea list of standards to assist the professional in making good decisions while conducting day-to-day responsibilities within his or her scope of practice.AyurvedaWhat, based on Hinduism, is the science of health and medicine designed to maintain or improve health through the use of dietary modification, massage, yoga, herbal preparations and other measuresmasseterWhich muscle(s) would be chronically tight with a client presenting with bruxism?Pectoralis majorRounded shoulders (medial rotation of the humerus) would lead you treat which muscle?Chronic headachesWhat would the presence of foreward head posture contribute to over time.BruxismA hypertonic pectoralis major can mimic symptoms of what condition.ObjectiveWhat is the area on the SOAP note chart that the therapist puts the data that is taken from palpation.ActionWhat is the area on the SOAP note chart that the therapist indicates the treatments goals to define the intention of their massage choices.SubjectiveWhat is the area on the SOAP note chart that the therapist indicates what areas the client wants massaged and what areas that they do not want massaged.Vastus lateralisA client comes to your office with a laterally displaced patella. You would work which of these musclesPlantar fasciitisTension in the posterior calf and plantar fascia will contribute to which chronic condition.Tibialis posteriorShin splints could be caused by chronic tension in which of the following muscle.Rectus abdominisA horitonzal and bilateral pain pattern across the lower back could be a trigger point referral from what muscle.GastrocnemiusPain in the arch of the foot is a common referral pattern of which muscle?Talofibular ligmentAn inversion ankle sprain will commonly injure which ligament?Gastrocnemius/ soleusHypertonicity in this muscle may create Achilles tendonitis.iliotibial bandWhen short locked, this structure contributes to knee instabilityTibialis posteriorFor a high medial arch(supination), which muscle would you treat?Rectus abdominusWith a client that has a lateral rotation of the femur, which of the muscles would you treat.Olecranon process of the ulnaWhich is the common insertion for the triceps brachii.Abduction and medial rotationWhat is the common action of the glute medius and minimus muscles.PiriformisWhich muscle has the capacity to entrap the sciatic nerve.ShiatsuTsubos are meridian points used in which modality?Per Henrik LingWho is considered the Father of Swedish Massage and Physical Therapy?ReflexologyThis modality was popularized in the North America by Eunice Ingham and is basically energy work on the feet using a map or zones that correspond to different parts of the body?Johann MetzgerWho was the person responsible for the French terminology used in Swedish Massage?Dr Mikao UsuiWho is considered the founder of Reiki.Dr Robert WardWho is considered the founder of Myofascial release?BoundariesThis considered the limits we establish between others and ourselves with regard to various aspects of our lives.dual relationshiprelationships that exist in addition to the therapeutic relationship.Transferencethe unconscious tendency of the client to assign to others feelings and attitudes associated with significant people in his or her early life.counter transferencean emotional reaction of the therapist that reflects the therapist's inner needs and conflicts.Integritya condition of being whole and undivided.Lupus Erythematosusautoimmune disease of connective tissues:massage contraindicated suring flare-upsApneaTemporary cessation of breathingMedulla OblongataControl breathing rhythm; Influenced by carbon dioxide in bloodAsthmaChronic, inflammatory disorder; • Smooth muscles of smaller bronchi & bronchioles spasm to closeEmphysemaOver-inflation & destruction of alveoli producing abnormally large air spaces that remain filled with air during expirationPneumonia• Infection of inflammation of the alveoli caused by the bacterium Streptococcus pneumoniae, but maybe caused by protozoans, viruses and fungiHodgkin's Diseasecancer of the lymph nodes: physicians clearancechronic fatigue syndromedisabling fatigue: shorter duration of massage if client is fatigueddyspnealabored breathingAnoxialack of oxygen locally or systemicallyvillusfingerlike projection on the plicae circulars in the small intestinespleenlargest lyphactic organHypoxiainadequate oxygen @cellular levelpulmonaryonly artery carries deoxygenated bloodduodenumthe first section of the small intestinejejunumintermediate portion of the small intestinepharynxthroat: bolus from oral cavity to esophaguscoronary artery diseasenarrowing of the small blood vessels that supply blood and oxygen to the heart.cisterna chililymphatic sac at the beginning of the thoracic duct between the abdominal aorta and L2midsagittal planeruns longitudinally (vertically) median planesagittal planeplane passing thru the body parallel to the median planefrontal plane(coronal plane) plane passing thru the body from side-to-side, creating snterior and posterior sectionstransverse plane(horizontal plane)plane passing thru the bosy creating superior and inferior sectionsphagocytosiseating ingestpinocytosisdrinkingdiffusionhigh to lowfiltrationpressureosmosislow to high pure solventhomeostatisconstancy of the body's internal environment representing a relatively stable condition within a very limited rangeextensibilityability of muscle fibers to lengthenexcitabilityability to respond to a stimuluscontractilityability of muscle fibers to shortenmuscle sprindlesudden muscle movementaxial skeleton(skull, vertebrae, sternum, ribs)appendicular(arms, legs, and girdles)plantar flexionextension of the angle so that the toes are pointing downwarddorsiflexionflexing the ankle dorsally so that the toes are moving toward the shininversionelevation of the medial edge of the foot so that the sole is turned inwardeversionelevation of the lateral edge of the foot so that the sole is turned outwardlymphfluid of lymphatic systemlymphatic systemmoves in one direction-toward subclavian veins: move only thru pressurethoracic ductdrains lymph from the rest of the body into the left subclavian veinright lymphatic ductsrains lymph from right arm and right side of head and right thorax to right subclavian veintsubosenergy points along energy lines called meridians(Japan)epidermisouter layer of skin that contains pigment cells called melanocyteshair folliclesthe pouchlike structures in the skin from which hair growssatellite cellsused for structural support of the PNS are delicate neurons, and are only found surrounding neuron cells bodies within gangliaschwann cellsneurolemmocytes, form a myelin sheath that surrounds only axons in the PNSsarcomerebasic contractile unit of muscle fibersarcolemmathe cell membranefasciculigroups of muscle fibersCOPDchronic obstructive pulmonary disease is group of pulmonary disorders characterized by persistent or recurring obstruction of airflowepimysiumwraps around entire muscleendmysiumwraps around muscle fibersmyofibrilseach muscle fibermotor nervesefferent) moves outsensory nervesafferent) moves indisbursementA ledger that separates and classifies every business expenditure is calledhemopoiesisproduces blood cells in the red marrow of long bones