The sports participation pyramid. GCSE PE

List the 4 levels of the participation pyramid, starting from the bottom
Foundation, participation, performance, elite
Describe who might take part in the foundation level of participation
Students at school taking part in taster sessions or lessons
Describe who might take part in the participation level of the participation pyramid
People taking part in sport in their free time, such as extra curricular activities
Describe who may take part in the performance level of the participation pyramid
Performers receiving local and regional coaching and training. They take part in local competitions and leagues
Describe who would be in the elite level of participation pyramid
Elite performers, top-class, who take part in international competitions
List initiatives which provide opportunities for involvement in physical activity
PESSCL, (PE, schools sport and the club links), School sports partnerships, Start, Stay, Succeed initiative, TOP programme, TOP link, Active kids programme,
List five different ways you can participate in sport
Performer, sports leader, volunteer, official, coach