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AP Reconstruction Age

3 Goals of Reconstruction
1. Restore Union, 2. Rebuild South, 3. Create and protect the rights of the freed blacks
Charles Sumner
A radical republican from Massachusetts.
Thaddeus Stevens
A radical republican from Pennsylvania.
Edwin Stanton
A radical republican who was the Secretary of War.
Wade Davis Bill
This was a radical republican bill that was vetoed by President Lincoln. It would have given congress control over the reconstruction.
Freedman's Bureau
This assisted ex-slaves with right and jobs.
Civil Rights Act
This act was made to enforce the 14th Amendment, giving all citizens equal protection.
13th Amendment
This amendment officially ended slavery and prohibited it in the future.
14th Amendment
This amendment declared that former slaves were citizens and required that states provide everyone equal protection under the law.
15th Amendment
This amendment guaranteed voting rights for all citizens regardless of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.
Tenure of Office Act
This act was passed because Andrew Johnson hated Edwin Stanton. It said the the President cannot remove Congress appointed officials without Congressional approval of removal.(Johnson said it was unconstitutional and Stanton was removed. Johnson will go to trial for Impeachment)
Edmond Ross
His vote was the last one needed to impeach Andrew Johnson.
Black Codes
These codes kept the old attitudes of slavery alive right after the Civil War, like; no-inter marriages; home and job restrictions; and property ownership restrictions.
This radical, violent hate group of the south was created by Nathan Bedford Forrest, in order to preserve the white way.