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actualizing potential


something that does not change or go from one condition to another - God


nothing is lacking which it can possess by its nature

Absolute perfection

unites all possible excellences and excludes all imperfection

Relative perfection

a finite nature and possesses all perfections of its nature


measure of change, three moments (past, present, future)


Outside of time/ timelessness


not limited, something with no potentiality and no change


all powerful, almighty, nothing can escape this power


everywhere present in created space


Immeasureability, connotes the absence of spatial limitation


goes from one condition to another, every creature is mutable by its finite nature of being


The idea held by John Calvin that all people are predestined by God for Heaven or Hell and nothing they can do during their lifetime can change their destiny. Also that there is no such thing as free will because it is not compatible with God's omnipotence.

Positive Will

What God wants for you, the ultimate goal

Permissive Will

permitted or allowed action in the course of the ultimate goal.

Free Will

ability to choose to sin or not

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