23 terms

Ch 8 part 2

What is adequate stimulation?
Each sense organ is maximally sensitive to certain types of stimulation
Our correspondence between our sensation and objects in the physical world is determined by what?
Our senses and their specific irritability
What is a distorting lenses?
Displace visual field
What is psychophysics?
study of relation between physical stimuli and psychological perception
Who believed in psychophysics?
What was the finding of the two-point threshold?
The body is not uniform to touch
what is kinesthetic sense?
Ability to detect changes in weight placed in hands lifted.
What is JND?
Smallest possible change that is detectable
what is the two point thresh?
Maps body's sensitivity to touch
Who developed the concept of JND?
What was Fechner interested in?
what is double aspectism?
mind-body 2 sides of the same coin
what is the equation for JND?
what does the k stand for in the JND equation?
Constant for sense system
What does the R stand for in the JND equation?
Amount, intensity of stimulus
What did JND create?
Quantitative expression
What was the quantitative expression?
It was the first of its kind. Made number into mental events
As ________ intensity increases do does _______ intensity
physical, subjective
According to Fechner, as physical intensity increases so does subjective intensity...what does this mean?
There is not a direct correspondence
what is voluntarism?
school of thought, first system of thought
Who is the founder of voluntarism?
What is the importance of a dedicated reasearch lab in leizig?
It is only used for psychology
Who is the first historian of psychology?