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  1. Stoma - E
  2. Temperature and moisture (rain)
  3. tropism
  4. Angiosperms
  5. Anther - B and filament - C
  1. a Plants response to an external stimulus
  2. b What are 2 environmental factors that will cause a seed to come out of dormancy?
  3. c
    What structure is the opening for gas exhange?
  4. d
    What 2 parts make up the stamen and what letters represent them in the diagram?
  5. e Flowering plants

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  1. What structure attracts pollinators?
  2. tissue in plants that helps transport water and nutrients throughout the plant
  3. What is the equation for cellular respiration?
  4. Where are the seeds located in gymnosperms?
  5. When a plant moves towards the stimulus

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  1. negative tropismWhen a plant moves away from a stimulus


  2. ethylenevascular tissue that transports water


  3. They cannot grow tall because they don't have tissues to transport water and nutrients.What is a characteristic of nonvascular plants?


  4. Ovary - F
    What structure attracts pollinators?


  5. NeedlesWhat is the only nonvascular plant?