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Chapter 04:Tissues

Chapter 04: Tissues of Stern's Introductory Plant Biology
cork cambium
Which of the following is a meristematic tissue?
Which of the following is a primary meristem?
In grasses and related plants, intercalary meristems are found in the vicinity of
apical meristems
Primary tissues are produced by
base of grass leaves
In which location would an intercalary meristem be found?
Actively dividing cells can be found in
apical meristems
Primary tissues can be traced to their origin in
cork cambium
Which of the following is a meristematic tissue?
Which tissue is derived from the apical meristem?
cell division
The primary activity of cells of meristematic tissues is _.
vascular cambium
Secondary meristems, such as _ produce tissues that increase the girth of a plant.
increase the length of a plant
Primary meristems produce tissues that _.
Groups of cells that have a similar structure or common function are called _.
Which of the following tissues has support as one of its primary functions?
Which of the following cells has a relatively thick wall?
transfer cells
Parenchyma cells that develop irregular extensions of the cell wall that greatly increase the surface area are called
Which of the following is a type of sclerenchyma cell?
A tissue composed of thin-walled cells with interconnecting air spaces between them is called
Lignin is found primarily in
The tiny cavity at the center of fiber and stone cells is called a
the epidermis
Collenchyma cells are most often found adjacent to
provide strength to growing organs
What is the function of collenchyma tissue?
parenchyma cell
A cell type that has thin primary cell walls, a large vacuole, and is living at maturity is a
Which cell type has a thick and lignified cell wall?
Which is a type of sclerenchyma cell?
cortex of herbaceous stems, just underneath the epidermis
You would expect to find collenchyma tissue in the
Simple tissues such as ____________ are formed from a single type of cell.
Which of the following tissues has sugar conduction as a primary function?
In woody dicots, the periderm eventually replaces
Guard cells differ from other epidermal cells in having
Fiber cells are commonly found in
water conduction
A primary function of tracheids is
sieve plates
The porous cell wall regions of food-conducting cells are called
lateral transport
Rays function primarily in
vessel elements
Conducting cells that are open at either end include
The tissue in which lenticels are formed is
The fatty substance in the walls of cork cells is
nectar, oils, mucilage, resins
Which of the following may be secreted by secretory cells?
guard cell and trichome
Which is a type of epidermal cell?
root hair
Underground epidermal cells may have the exterior cell wall extended into a long, thin thread-like structure called _.