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Where does Media Composer store the project files for private projects?
In the logged on users' Documents folder
Which button in the Select Project dialog box is used to navigate to the location of an external project?
The Folder Browse Button
4 Principal Windows of Avid
Composer, Timeline, Project, Bin
Which window serves as the central hub of your project?
Project Window
What is a bin?
A container file that holds the assets of your projects. Text, Frame, and Script views.
How do you combine one open bin with another bin?
Click the tab at the top of the tool window and drag it on top of the window with which you want to combine it
What are two ways to create your own user profile?
Project Window > Settings > User Profile > Create User Profile
How do you save changes to a Workspace?
Windows > Workspaces > Save Current
Which setting allows you to change the look of your interface?
Project Window > Settings Pane > Interface Settings
What is saved during an Autosave?
What is the difference between linking and importing media?
Linking links to existing files from a specified location (hard drive) and importing copies media to Avid MediaFiles folders (turns it into Avid native media)
T/F: When linking media, you can remove your SD card and your media will remain online.
Where can you get additional AMA plug ins?
Marketplace menu > AMA plugins. Volumes tab. Manufacturer's website.
What modifier must you use when dragging clips to a bin to link rather than import?
Command + click
Name two ways to load a click into the Source Monitor.
Drag and drop from the bin, or double click in the bin.
What function is associated with the space bar by default?
What is the value of using JKL keys to control playback?
J - play reverse, K pause, L - play forward : can double click to speed up
Default keys for marking in and out.
I and O
How can you save your work?
Activate Project Window > Command + S; or File > Save All
What is the principal goal of the rough cut?
Focuses on story structure to see if the project works overall. Not detail oriented.
How can you view audio waveforms of your source material?
Open Track Control Panel > Click Waveform Button
What is AutoPatching? How does it work?
Setting that allows you to automatically patch tracks based on track activation. You can patch tracks without reaching for the mouse.
How can you make definitionless waveforms useful?
Turn down the clip gain.
Which editing functions are more likely to break sync? Why?
Splice In, Extract. They affect the duration of the project and could mess up audio and video syncing. Ripple effects.
Two ways to maintain sync when editing segments into the sequence?
Enable Sync Lock, or make sure all tracks are enabled when splicing in.
What do FF and RW do?
Fast forward and rewind. Jump between edit points.
Describe the process of backtiming an edit.
Marking IN and OUT on the sequence timeline and then marking only an OUT on the Source clip is an example of Backtiming an edit.
Whats the difference between Lift and Extract?
Lift removes a clip from your segment and leaves filler behind to ensure duration remains the same. Extract removes the clip and shortens the duration.
What is filler?
Empty space in the timeline; used to placehold. You can still apply effects and transitions to filler.
What type of edit is performed by default when you drag a clip from Source Monitor to the Timeline?
Why do images A and D appear identical? What type of edit is being performed?
These frames are adjacent to each other in the original footage. Splicing INTO an existing segment.
How do you activate smart tools?
Click on each individual tool to activate it.
2 ways to add audio or video tracks to a sequence
Drag a segment to a track above or below an existing one and Avid will add one. Or Ctrl + U (audio) or Ctrl + Y (video)
How do you enable Solo on an audio track? What is the result?
Click the S on the track. Mutes all other tracks.
If the music is too loud, how do you adjust the volume of the music?
Option > Clip Gain - turn down the volume. Or go into the Audio Tool. Tools > Audio Tool
Why is overwrite mode well suited for editing audio?
Because it maintains sync between audio and video tracks.
Why are audio waveforms useful to see while editing?
Because you can identify peaks and troughs in music, dialogue, useful for editing.
Method or shortcut to adjust clip gain?
Shift + Up/Down arrows
What is Digital Audio Scrub?
Allows for real time playback of audio while you scroll through Timeline. Hold the Shift key while scrolling through your Timeline.
Steps to overwrite a segment to the timeline using drag and drop.
Overwrite segment mode is red arrow. Activate and overwrite shots into the sequence using drag and drop.
How can you remove a shot from the sequence and leave a gap or filler?
From which menu can you open the Source Browser?
File > Input
In the Source Browser, how can you mark a folder as a favorite?
Star Button
How can you remove a folder from the favorites list in Source Browser?
Unclick the Star Button
Name two settings that affect how files are imported into Media Composer.
Image size, color levels, alpha channel
Which setting will resize a large photograph during import to avoid distorting it?
Resize image to fit format raster
Describe the process to input an image sequence as a video clip.
Under import settings, click autodetect sequentially numbered files and select the lowest number to begin with.
Which function will copy a media file without recompressing it?
Consolidate (used for moving files)
Which function will convert a media file, modifying its codec/frame rate?
Name 3 reasons you might want to consolidate/transcode linked media to Avid Native Media.
Backing up your media, better performance, convert project frame rate, safer media management
What is indicated by the bold name on one of your drives listed in Consolidate/Transcode?
Drive with the most available space
Why might you need to sync audio and video master clips?
If dual system recording took place during shooting. (audio and video recorded separately)
List the steps to sync audio and video master clips. What is the result of this process?
Select clips, put them in the same bin, Clip > AutoSync
What is a group clip? What is the advantage of group clips?
Same as syncing - syncs clips based on timecode, great for working with multicam shoots
How do you display the start timecode of your clips?
View in Bin in Text View, sort
How do you add a custom column to a Bin in Text View?
Click on the header of the columns
What is the shortcut to view a pop-up menu containing previously entered values in a custom column?
Option + Click cell
What is the difference between duplicating and cloning a clip?
Duplicating (command + D) creates a copy that does not incur any changes made as you continue working on the original; cloned (option + drag to new bin) copies reflect all changes made to original
How could you track rights releases for interview clips in a bin?
Make a custom column
You have audio and video master clips with no common timecode reference. How do you sync them?
Add in and out points manually (use slate, audio waveforms, etc)
If editing a group of clips to the sequence from the bin in Text view, what controls the order in which the clips will appear in the sequence?
Order of clips in the bin from top to bottom
If editing a group of clips to the sequence from the bin in Frame view, what controls the order in which the clips will appear in the sequence?
Order of clips in the bin from left to right
Which function is related to Top or Tail?
How is Extend similar to Trim? Specifically what kind of trim?
Each requires handle and does not affect duration. Most similar to dual roller trim.
Name three uses of markers.
Marking locations of shots, correct spelling on titles, where new shots will be added - essentially, COMMENTS
Which two windows must be open to change the keyboard settings?
Command Palette, Keyboard Settings Window
How many edit points are required to define an edit when adding a shot to the sequence?
True or False: Media Composer will not allow you to make an edit with no marks.
How can filler help maintain sync?
Leaves space in the sequence so audio and video stay lined up
True or False: to load a sequence into the source monitor, you should double click the icon in the bin.
FALSE (drag)
What is a sub-sequence? What can it be used for?
A portion of a sequence. You can store parts of the sequence in the bin to use later, frequently used sequences (title sequences for a show, etc)
Which function loads a source clip for a segment in the sequence into the source monitor?
Match Frame
What does Find Bin do?
Locates bins where clips are stored
What is the difference between Find, Find Bin, and Match Frame?
Find -> Finds anything in media composer
Find Bin -> Locates bins
Match Frame -> locates original source clips
What is the difference between using the Find and Search fields in the bin?
Find -> searches all bins
Search -> searches only the bin that's open
What value would you type to advance the position indicator 2 seconds?
"+ 2 0 0"
How do you jump the position indicator to a specific timecode?
"= enter timecode" or click control key twice and type it in
What is the difference between Fast Forward/Rewind and J-K-L?
FF/RW - jumps to edit points designated in settings
JKL - can adjust speed while skimming through clips, pause
Name two ways to enter Trim mode without using the smart tool.
Click "U", trim mode button
Name the keys on the keyboard associated with choosing the A side, B side, or dual-roller trim.
P [ ]
Which keys trim left or right:
1 frame at a time?
8 or 10 frames at a time?
. , --> 1 frame
M / --> 8 or 10 frames
What can be done in Trim mode when using JKL?
trimming on the fly
What function is associated with the play button when in trim mode?
Play loop
If you hear a pop in the audio at an edit point, how can you find out which side contains the problem?
look at the green marker on the purple trim indicators
What is a split edit? What are its benefits?
When audio and video change at different points. Can cover bad audio pops, add fluidity, seamless editing
What is the process of creating a split edit?
"L" cut
What is the radio-edit technique?
Editing your soundtrack (audio) first, and then adding the video to match the audio afterwards
How can you ensure that you maintain sync while using Ripple Trim?
use sync locks
Describe the process to restore broken sync.
White #s indicate lost sync, can restore by adding filler, adding or subtracting frames, command + Z
How can you use filler to maintain sync?
Spaceholds while you edit to make sure audio and video line up while editing
From where do you open the Audio EQ window?
under the Tools menu
The Audio EQ tool is which of the following?
A three-band EQ
How can you change the clip gain for all segments in a track?
Adjust master fader or use global commands
What is the Audio Tool used for?
Monitoring audio levels/meters, displays levels at infinite hold so you can see where your audio peaks
Why is it important that you use the Audio Tool while mixing?
Allows for precise monitoring of audio peaks
What is the decibel range that is recommended for most projects?
-26 to -8
Which EQ control would be most effective in addressing the rumble of a truck in the background?
Low Shelf
In what range of frequencies will an EQ adjustment have the greatest impact on the sound of a person's voice?
1000-3000 Hz
What Audio Mixer Mode enables manual audio keyframing?
Auto (gain)
Which type of adjustment is most similar to Audio Ducking?
Volume Keyframing
What is the name of the function used to create pan-and-zoom effects described in this lesson?
Frame Flex
How do you access the source settings dialog box?
Select clip, right click
Name two source settings.
temporal (frame rate), spatial (raster size), color (LUT)
How can you tell that a Source Setting is acting on a segment in the Timeline?
Green dot with letter T, S, or C on the segment
What is the difference between modifying Frame Flex as a Source Setting rather than in the timeline using the effect editor?
Source setting: global adjustment modifications, affects original clip - every time you put it in the timeline, it will be modified

effects editor: only affects the one segment in the sequence
If you reframe a shot using frame flex on a clip in the bin, after placing it in the sequence, how can you update the segment in the timeline to show the changes?
Refresh the sequence
True or False: using frame flex is a one time option. Once you apply the reframing, a file is created, and you can no longer reframe the native high-resolution clip
What is the name of the animation mode (keyframe interpolation) that creates an ease-in / ease-out behavior around the keyframes?
what are 3 types of motion effects?
freeze frame, motion, timewarp
How are freeze frames created?
Generated from a source clip
How are motion effects created?
Generated from a source clip
How does creating a motion effect via the fit to fill command differ from creating one via the motion effect command?
Fit to fill - 4 edit points needed, will speed up or slow down clip to fill the space
How are timewarp effects created?
Applied to a clip in the sequence (in the timeline)
What are the four different types of keyframe interpolation?
Linear, Spline, Bezzier, Shelf
True or False: When the Blur effect is applied to a segment, the blur is immediately visible.
When applying a blur effect, how do you control where the blur affects the image?
Select a draw tool, tracking, targeting
When using tracking with a Blur effect, how do you attack a tracker to the shape you created?
Select shape and move the target
What characteristics should you look for when picking a tracking target?
High contrast areas
What is the inner box in a tracker called? How is it used?
Reference pattern
What is the outer box in a tracker called? How is it used?
Search region
How does feathering affect the appearance of your shape?
softens the edges
How is a 3D picture-in-picture effect different from other effects?
Presence of a z-axis
What keys must you hold down on the keyboard to make sure than when moving a clip vertically (into higher V track), it does not shift its position in time?
control + shift
If you add a keyframe to the keyframe position bar underneath the effect preview monitor, what parameters are keyframed?
Parent keyframe
What happens to the animation if you change the keyframe interpolation from linear to spline?
Eases in and out
How do you add an effect to a clip in the timeline on top of an existing effect?
Hold option key and drag effect onto the clip
What is the procedure of adding effects on top of each other called?
What are the two different methods you can use to view the effects inside of a nest?
Step in and out, or double click to expand
What is the advantage of simple nesting view?
Can isolate the effects, no audio or video to distract
What is the advantage of expanded nesting view?
Can view the effects in context of the surrounding video and audio
How do you change the order of effects within a nest?
Within the effects editor, drag and drop the effect icons in the desired order from top to bottom
What do the red, yellow, and blue bars in the timeline mean?
Performance indicators:
red - drop frames
yellow - system stress
blue - drive stress
What does clear renders do?
removes rendered effects applied
The transparent channel in a clip is called which of the following?
A matte
True or False: the SpectraMatte effect provides a better key than the RGB keyer effect, and it also makes it easier to fine tune your keys.
If you have a background clip on track V2, what track should your green screen clip be edited onto?
V3 or higher
What do the L and R parameters stand for in the Crop Parameter group of the SpectraMatte?
Left and right (helps create a garbage mask)
True or False: the purpose of a garbage mask is to remove all of the green or blue screen from the foreground.
What is the Alpha in Source monitor menu selection used for?
creates the effect - the cookie cutter for titles, black and white signal
How do you open NewBlue Titler Pro?
In effects palette (used when using 2k or higher media)
In which tab would you modify the font?
Styles Tab
In which tab are the controls for adding a drop shadow?
Attributes tab
True or false: Titles created with NewBlue Titler Pro must be rendered before they can be played in the timeline.
What is the alpha channel?
Luminance key
Which two link settings affect the appearance of a quicktime logo animation with alpha?
color or alpha
True or false: pre-multiplied alpha channels are preferred for use in media composer
FALSE: (uses straight alphas)
Name two tools that can be helpful for live review sessions.
full screen view, timecode burn in
What are two things you might look for when critically reviewing a session?
pacing, continuity, emotion
How does the timecode window differ from other timecode displays in the interface?
you can make it bigger
What might be one reason full screen playback is grayed out in the menu?
system is configured to output through hardware
True or false: a video mixdown flattens the sequence but does not create new media.
What is a video mixdown used for?
compresses video tracks into one track
What is an audio mixdown used for?
compresses audio tracks into one track, can choose stereo, mono, surround sound, etc
What is the difference between using a send to template and using export?
export: renders and encodes media
Send to: sends media to other applications
What is the difference between a quicktime movie and a quicktime reference?
QT movie: playable file
QT ref: no media, pointer to media files
How do you create color bars and reference tone?
generate tone media in audio tool
Which function can be used to find the media for a clip?
Reveal File
What can you use to see render files?
Media Tool
Name the media database files.
.mdb and .pmr
Which function can be used to convert the format of a media file?
Why is it important to open a sequence bin before you identify unreferenced clips?
Because if the bin isn't opened, if you delete unreferenced clips the media will be erased as well
True or false: if you accidentally delete an important media file, you can use undo to restore the file.
NTSC video runs at how many frames per second?
29.97 fps
Is it necessary to render a dissolve before you can see it?
The aspect ratio for all HD formats is:
480, 720, and 1080 all refer to
vertical frame sizes
Name the two types of files that comprise a non-linear edit system
media files and project files
Difference between interlaced and progressive scanning
interlaced: scans every other line, odds then evens
progressive: scans each line in order
Name the two primary items that you store in a bin
Clips and sequences
What is a clip?
A pointer to a media file
Avid is capable of how many audio and video tracks?
24 video, 64 audio
Shortcut to add a keyframe:
' (apostrophe button)
How do you add a title?
Clip > New Title
How to make a subclip:
Mark in and out points on the clip and drag it back to the bin
Types of horizontal effects:
transition effects, segment effects (filters), motion effects (freeze frame, in motion, timewarp)
Types of vertical effects:
Effects applied to multiple video tracks, composited/layered, picture-in-picture, titles
Types of nested effects:
Ex. applying a color effect to a layer of a picture in picture effect
Where do you find quick transitions?
Under the fast menu or by clicking the quick transitions button in composer window
What does a green dot on an effect applied to a segment mean?
Real time effect - doesn't need to be rendered in order to preview effect
How do you create a freeze frame?
First, match frame to the last frame of your segment. Composer > freeze frame > select duration. Then insert it in your bin
How do you save an effects template?
IN effects editor, you will always have an icon for the effect you're working on. Simply drag the icon into your bin to create a template/preset effect. Rename it
How do you map a button?
Tools > Command Palette > Button to Button > Reassignment > Drag button down to an empty button in your tool palette
What is RAM?
Random Access Memory. The capability of your computer. Need more RAM for 4K media
What is a LUT?
A "look up table" which is imported alongside the raw media file when importing 4K media. Contains the color information about the footage
Media resolution information in files:
DNxHD 145, 220, etc
Data rates are indicated by #s
Higher # are bigger files, better quality image
DNxHD 220x --> the x indicates 10 bit resolution
What is sequence priority?
Overwrites that have 2 marks in your sequence
What is source priority?
Overwrites that have 2 marks in your source window
4 Mark Editing
2 marks in source clip and 2 marks in sequence. If the duration of time differs between marks on both source and sequence, Avid will ignore the out mark on the source
3 Ways to select multiple segments
Shift + click, Lasso tool, Buttons (select left of indicator, right of indicator)
What happens when you "slip" a segment between adjacent segments?
Doesn't change duration of sequence, but changes the CONTENT of shot Y between X and Z. Two dual rollers on the inside of shot Y.
What happens when you "slide" a segment between adjacent segments?
Doesn't change duration of sequence, but changes CONTEXT of shots X and Z around shot Y (which stays the same.) Two dual rollers on the outside of shot Y.
How do you add a slip or slide?
In trim mode, hold down shift button to add two sets of dual rollers at your desired transition points. Hover cursor near transitions until it turns to a white roller, and then click and drag. Brackets indicate handle.
How is the Audio Mixer laid out?
Left side of faders are in analog (VU scale), the right is in digital (decibels)
What are the two types of audio effects?
real time plugins (no render needed), and RTAs (must render)
What does the Audio EQ effect do?
Equalizes audio - enhances midrange frequencies (dialogue). Fancy tone control. Real time effect
What does the Pan & Zoom effect do?
Animates one frame through a series of stills