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7 Steps of the Manufacturing Process

A process that removes unwanted materials.
The use of pressure or force to shape a material.
The stage of production in which components are put together into an end product.
Molding and Casting
A process by which a material is introduced into a mold while it is liquid and allowed to solidify in the shape of the mold.
Any process that changes the properties of a material using heat, chemicals, or mechanical forces.
Any final treatment done to the surface of a product to make the product more attractive to a consumer.
Quality Control
Making sure the finished product is built to specifications.
Price Point
How much a target consumer is willing to pay.
Market Research
Identifies the target consumer.
Create an attractive design with the customer in mind.
Bio-mechanical Engineers
Determine if the product will fit the human body.
Manufacturing Engineers
Determine how the product can best be manufactured in large quantities.