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Humerus head

Proximal end rounded head fits into shallow glenoid cavity of the scapula

Humerus lateral/medial epicondyle

Distal parts flanking the coroniod fossa and olecranon fossa

Greater/lesser tubercle

Opposite the head on proximal end. 2 bony projections that are sites of muscle attachment

Deltoid tuberosity

midpoint of shaft of humerus shaft-roughened area


On distal end of humerus. Looks like a spool


Lateral of trochlea. ball-like. Articulates with bones of forearm

Radius Styloid process

Distal "pointy tip"

Radial tuberosity

Just below the head where tendon of the bicept muscle attaches

neck of radius

immediately below head

radius head

Disc shaped head. Proximal end.

Ulna- Olecranon process (forms elbow)

Proximal end. posterior. Grips trochlea of humerus in a pliers-like joint with coranoid process

Ulna-Coranoid process

Proximal end anterior.

Femur-greater trochanter

attachemnt for muscle. Proximal. Next to head.

Femur head

Ball like head

femur neck

under ball shaped head

intertrochantic crest

Posterior. Separates greater and lesser trochanters

Lateral/medial condyle-femur

Distal femur. Articulates with tibia below (looks like dumbell-medial side of head and lateral side of greater trochanter)


Flat petellat surface. Anterior diatal femur. Knee cap.

Fibula Lateral malleolus

Distally forms the outer part of ankle.

Fibula head

proximal end


stick-like, along side tibia. no part of knee joint.


the inner and thicker of the two bones of the human leg between the knee and ankle

tibia medial malleolus

Distally forms the inner buldge of ankle

Tibial tuberosity

Roughened area on anterior surface for ligaments to attach

Tibia anterior crest

sharp rige on anterior surface


heel bone


between tibia and calcaneus- "ankle bone"

Tarsals navicular

"distal to talus"


5 form the sole of foot


14 forms toes

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