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  1. What is an ion?
  2. What is the atomic number?
  3. What is an element?
  4. What is a hydrogen bond? Strong or weak?
  5. What is the atomic mass?
  1. a A substance that cannot be broken down to other substances by chemical reactions.
  2. b Partial plus of a Hydrogen in a polar molecule forms a bond with a Partial Minus of another polar molecule; Weak bond.
  3. c Atoms that lose or gain electrons to complete their outer shell
  4. d The number of protons in an atom.
  5. e The number of protons and neutrons in nucleus.

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  1. Elements required by organisms in minute quantities; ex: humans need iodine in small quantities or we'll get goiter
  2. One atom's attraction of the electrons within one covalently bonded molecule
    O > N > C > H
    Oxygen - most electronegative element
  3. The sharing of electrons UNEQUALLY; atoms have differing electronegativities
  4. Different forms of the same element; they differ in number of neutrons, but they have the same # of protons and behave identically in chemical reactions
  5. The sharing of electrons EQUALLY; atoms have similar electronegativities

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  1. Are Van der Waals interactions weak or strong?Weak.


  2. What bond do two oxygen's share?Non-polar covalent bond; they have equal electronegativity so they share their e⁻


  3. What is a compound?a substance consisting of two or more different elements combined in a fixed ratio.


  4. What are our 6 Essential Elements?CHNOPS: Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Phosphorus, Sulfur


  5. Difference between compound and molecule?Compound is a mixture of at least two different elements, while a molecule is a 2 or more atoms of a single element.