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Marketing Information System

Section 28.1 and 28.2

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Marketing Research
Involves the process and methods used to gather information, analyze it, and report findings related to marketing goods and services.
Marketing Information System
Is a set of procedures and methods that regularly generates, stores, analyzes, and distributes information for use in making marketing and other business decisions.
Database Marketing
Or customer relationship management (CRM), is a process of designing, creating, and managing customer lists.
Is a collection of related infromation about a specific topic
Quantitative Research
research that collects and reports data primarily in numerical form
Qualitative Research
research that relies on what is seen in field or naturalistic settings more than on statistical data
Attitude Research
a type of research designed to obtain information on how people feel about certain products, services, companies, or ideas; also known as opinion research.
Market Intelligence
is concerned about the size and location of a market, the competition and the segmentation within the market for a particular product or service
Media Research
also known as advertising research, focuses on issues of media effectiveness, selection, freqency, and ratings
Product Research
Centers on evaluating product design, package design, product usage, and consumer acceptance of new and existing products.