Tenor Chapter 7 Algebra


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A number, variable, or product of a number and one or more variables.
A monomial that is a real number.
zero exponent
Any nonzero number raised to the zero power is one.
negative exponent
For any real number, except zero, and any integer n, a^-n=1/a^n and 1/a^-n=a^n.
order of magnitude
The order of magnitude of a quantity is the number rounded to the nearest power of 10.
rational exponent
For any positive real number b and any integers m and n>1, b^m/n equals (nth root of b)^m or nth root of b^m.
cube root
If a^3=b, then a is the cube root of b.
nth root
If a^n=b for a positive integer n, then a is an nth root of b.
exponential equation
An equation in which the variables occur as exponents.
scientific notation
c x 10^n, where c must be less than 10 and greater than or equal to 1 and n is an integer.
exponential function
A function that can be described by an equation of the form y=a^x, where a>1 and cannot be zero.
exponential growth
When an initial amount increases by the same percentage over a given period.
exponential decay
When an initial amount decreases by the same percentage over a given period of time.
compound interest
A special application of exponential growth.
geometric sequence
A sequence in which each term after the first is found by multiplying the previous term by a constant r, called a common ratio.
common ratio
The ratio of successive terms of a geometric sequence.
recursive formula
Each term is formulated by one or more previous terms.