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What direction are the Upper and Lower Parts of Egypt?
What's the river in Egypt that flows into the Mediterranean Sea?
White Crown
Upper Egypt
What type of Crown is this?
Red crown
Lower Egypt
What type of crown is this?
Combined Crown
Unified Egypt
What type of crown is this?
Palette of King Narmer
-Military victory by Narmer over his enemies
What is this palette and what is it's story?
cow goddess, protector of the king
Who is Hathor?
-Enemies are running away
-Bull which represent Narmer trampling his enemy and knocking down town fortifications
-Two lion's neck representing unification
Describe the images on King Narmer's Palette.
a vicious monster fish and a chisel (striking Monster Fish)
How is Narmer's name spelled, and what does it mean?
a red crown
On the Back of the Palette what time of crown is Narmer wearing?
name in a serekh between two cow heads
What is Narmer's name in and what is it between on top of the palette?
facade of the King's palace
What does Serekh mean?
Egyptian monster fish
What is a Nar?
What is a Mer?
What kind of writing did the Egyptians develop?
before the Egyptian Kings
What does Predynastic mean?
under the sand at outskirts of villages with grave goods
How were bodies buried in predynastic times?
2600 BCE
When did mummification begin?
major organs were placed in canopic jars
What were mummified separately? What were they placed in?
What organ was left in the body?
to preserve the ka (life force)
Why was mummification developed?
simple tombs of mud brick or stone, Arabic word for bench
What was a mastaba?
a serdab with ka (body double) statue
What was placed in the tomb with the deceased king?
King Djoser
The first stone building of monumental (Step Pyramid) size was built for what king, in the Old Kingdom?
Who was the architect responsible for step pyramid in the Old Kingdom?
the strength of the ruler
What did the Heb-Sed ceremony prove?
Menkaure, Khafre, and Khufu
The Great Pyramids in Giza near Cairo were for what kings? (Old Kingdom)
West, where the sun sets= place of the afterlife
The old Kingdom Burials were what of the Nile? (which direction)
A king's face on a lion's body
What is a sphinx?
some say Khafre
Who does the Great Sphinx look like?
Who is this?
Horus- Symbol of the living king
What does the Egyptian peregrine falcon on Khafre mean and what's the falcon's name?
illuminated by the sunlight grows blue, blue is the color of Horus
What's special about the stone used to make Khafre?
Menkaure and Queen
-same size
-she's showing an affectionate pose
-Menkaure is stepping forward
-Queen has a very thin dress one, show femininity
Describe the statue? Who is it?
smallest pyramid in Giza Old Kingdom
What does Menkaure's pyramid look like?
Private Portraits, Old Kingdom: A seated Scribe, body type is chubby because of occupation
What is this? Describe.
relative and friends of the deceased, would have these buried with them
What do servant statues represent?
more lifelike (naturalistic)
Private individuals are what?
Beni Hasan
Middle Kingdom is located where in Egypt?
Worried, "Jaded", Military campaigns were happening against the Nubians
What was Senusret III facial expression during the Middle Kingdom? Why was it like this?
What is Senusret Headress called?
from mastabas to pyramids (rock cut tombs)
What was the change in burial architecture during the Middle Kingdom
Beni Hasan, Egypt
Where is this image from inside a rock cut tomb?
What were the Middle Kingdom walls of tombs decorated with?
"foreigners" from Syria and Canaan
What were asiatics?
different color skin, different dresses/hair styles
How were foreigners depicted in Egyptian art?
Why were Egyptians sold into slavery?
cross desert to reach a foreign country. or seek asylum in a temple and become a temple servant
What is freedom for a runaway?
literally step on the enemies
What was symbolic of glazed tiles with foreigns painted not hem and placed on the floor in the king's palace?
workers bodies are more naturalistic and less rigid than royalty
Wall painting from khnumhotep located at Beni Hasan showed what? (pic of king next to painting)
10 day work week; 8 days work and 2 days off
What's the work week like for Middle Kingdom Egyptians?
What did the Hyksos bring with them?
King Ahmose I (New Kingdom) and Thebes
What king expelled the Hyksos from Egypt? What city becomes the most important?
Patron deity of Thebes equals what?
essential and hidden god
-god of the afterlife, had black, blue, or green skin which is a sing of fertility
-responsible for Nile
-Great temple of Amun at Karnak (New kingdom)
What is this?
Who was the female ruler of Egypt for 20+ years?
Who was Hatshepsut's architect?
Who's funeral temple is this?
by a broken tooth found in a box inscribed with her name
How was Hatshepsut's mummy identified?
Thuthmose III
Who was the first ruler to refer to himself as a pharaoh?
great house
What does Pharaoh mean?
Who was the Heretic King?
Amarana style
What is the artists style known as?
Founded a monotheistic religion based on the aren (sun deity)
Why was Akhenaten called a heretic king?
little hands off the sun rays that hold onto the ank (spirt)
What is on the end of the Aren?
worship many gods
Polytheistic (Egyptians)
carved outline' background not carved
What's a sunken relief?
Queen Tiy, not of royal blood (New Kingdom)
Who was the mother of akhenaten?
Who was the wife of Akhenaten?
Only artist working for the king
Who could create glass?
King tut
Who was the Son of Akhenaten and grandson of Queen Tiy
-nemes headers
-Cobra and vulture uraeus
-Curved beard= he is the land of Osiris (afterlife)
Describe tut's mask.
Archaeologist Howard Carter
Who found Tut's tomb?
from a bad knee fracture
How did Tut probably die?
powered Egyptian mummy
What was used as a treatment for numerous diseases, poisonings, broken bones win Europe b/t the 12th and 18th centuries?
used as a pigment called Mummy brown
What was ground mummy used for?
Ramses II (the Great)
Who was one of the longest ruling kings in Egypt?
Temple of Ramses II at Abu Simbel, southern Egypt (New Kingdom)
What is this?
$32 million, financed by UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization)
How was Ramses II's temple moved?
Who was the favorite wife of Ramses II?
Only a person free from.....could enjoy an afterlife? (Books of the dead)
1-decreased questioned about behavior in life
2-heart weighed against the feather of truth (Ma' at)
Two tests of Osiris: (Books of the Dead)
Judgment of Hunefer before Osiris (Book of the dead)
This was pained papyrus
Rosetta Stone
What is this?
pigment mixed with beeswax and tree sap
What was encaustic technique?

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