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Bending that DECREASES the angle from inferior and superior, usually along the sagittal plane.


The reverse of flexion, involves movement along the sagittal plan that INCREASES the angle between the articulating bones.

Gliding Movements

Are the simplest joint movements that occurs when one flat, or nearly flat, bone surface slips over another without appreciable angulation or rotation.

Angular Movement

Increase or decrease the angle between two bones. These movements may occur in any plane of the body and include flexion, extension, hyperextension, abduction, adduction, and circumduction.


Excessive extension such as extending the head or hip joint BEYOND anatomical position.


Is movement of a limb AWAY from the midline or median plane of the body, along the frontal plane.


It is the momvement of a limb TOWARD the body midline o in the case of digits, toward the midline of the hand or foot.


Is moving a limb so that it rotates in a circle. "around"


Is the turning of a bone around its own long axis. It is the only movement allowed between the first two cervical vertebrae and is common at the hip and shoulder joints.


"turning backward"


"turning forward"


Lifting the foot so that its superior surface approaches the shin.

Plantar Flexion

Depressing the foot.


The sole of the foot turns medially.


The sole faces laterally.


Nonangular anteior and posterior movements in a transverse plane.


The mandible is protracted when you jut out your jaw.


This movement is the action taken when you touch your thumb to the tips of the other fingers on the same hand that sets us apart from the animals.


Means lifting a body part superiorly.


Means moving an elevated part inferiorly.

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