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What is Lamaze?

-Believe birth is natural, normal and
-Experience of birth profoundly affects women and their families
-Women's inner wisdom guides them through birth
-*Woman's confidence and ability to give birth is either enhanced or diminished by the care provider and place of birth
-women have a right to give birth free from routine medical intervention
-birth can take place in homes, birth centers and hospitals
-childbirth education empowers women to make informed choices in health care, to assume responsibility for their health and to trust their inner wisdom

What is relaxation (7)?

1. no harmful s/e for mom or baby
2. may improve uterine blood flow → improve fetal O2
3. lowers pain perception
4. reduces tension that can inhibit fetal descent
5. can be done anywhere
6. mother can use by self for additional life stressors (ex. crying baby)
7. practice before labor is critical for this technique to be useful tool in coping w/ labor experience

How do you perform relaxation (4)?

1. Appropriate enviornment for practice
2. Comfortable chair, bed, etc.
3. No distracting sounds, rather music or calming sounds
4. head to toe exercise = progressive relaxation

What is head to toe exercise?

Tense 5-10 seconds then relax, take a slow deep breath btwn every muscle group, again head to toe just further relax

What is progressive relaxation (2)?

1. Obtain end quicker
2. mother will go thru labor w/o fighting, ride the wave of contraction rather then 'crashing in surf'

What are some breathing techniques (4)?

1. No magic breathing formulas for painless birth
2. GOAL: pt. not holding breath, not hyperventilating, has self control & is focused- this is working
3. Begin w/ relaxation or cleansing breath-slow deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth
4. Relaxation breath at beginning and end of every contraction

How can relaxation breathing work (4)?

1. Provides uterus muscle w/ adequate 02 -> therefore more efficient contractions and quicker progress
2. focuses mother on something other than the contractions/pain therefore decreases release of stress hormones, increase release of endogenous endorphins
3. provides the mother w/ something 'to do' during the contraction rather than being passive
4. Distracting

What is slow chest breathing?

IN on count of 1, OUT on 2,3,4
Use for mild-mod discomfort or whenever the mom wants to
Coach can speak the directions or demo to and do w/ mother
Use calm voice

What is pant or pant-blow breathing?

Use in transition or slow the delivery
Tongue on upper palate near teeth
RR-60; very small amt of air that is moving, respirations should be quiet
He-ha technique
1-2-3 blow out, 1-2-3 blow out
Coach picks a number between 2-6 for blow out

What is massage?

Lower back- especially in 'back labor' w/ fetus in posterior position- try counter pressure
Arms, legs- light touch only
Feet, hands, effleurage
Use lotion or cornstarch
If pt. does not like it- stop

How can positioning the mother affect her birth?

Use gravity as a help to the birth process- the baby travels down and out of their mother
Birth balls, hula dance

How does using water affect a birth?

Tub, shower, jacuzzi
Know policy at hospital
May need medical order
Would be helpful in early stages of labor before water breaks

How does the enviornment affect the birth?

Who does mom want with her?
Who is in the room?
Why are they present?
How are they helping or hindering?
Lighting of the room
Noise/sounds in room
Aroma therapy
Goal: comfort, relaxation

What is hypnosis?

Ideal candidate- desires no pain meds or epidural
Self-directed, she will need to invest time in training and practice
Learned technique of conscious focus of thoughts away from labor or discomfort and towards pleasant thoughts
may be triggered by word

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