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Chapter 7 Skeletal System

Bone has what kind of material in extracellular matrix of bone tissue?
1. Cartilage 2. Dense Connective tissue 3. Bone Tissue 4. Blood Tissue 5. Nervous Tissue
Bone has living material in......
Are bones living or non-living material
Skeletal System
Bones are the organs of which system?
To provide support and points of attachment for muscles 2. protect smaller tissues 3. store blood producing cells and inorganic salts
What are the functions of bones?
Bones differ in size and shape
How do bones differ?
In structure development and function
How are bones alike?
Bones are classied according to their??
There are how many types of bones
Bones w/ long axes and expanded ends.
Long Bones are...
forearm and thigh. Femur
Where can you find Long Bones
Cubelike usually w/ equal lengths and widths.
Short Bones are...
wrists and ankles
Where can you find short bones?
Platelike w/ broad surfaces.
Flat Bones are...
ribs, scapulae and bones of skull
Wherecan you find flat bones?
Come in a variety of different shapes and are usually connected to several other bones.
Irregular Bones
Backbone Vertebrae and facial bones
Where can you find irregular bones?
small and nodular and usually found in tendons adjacent to joints where tendons are compressed.
Sesamoid Bones/ Round Bones are....
What is an example of a sesamoid/round bone?
Epiphysis articulates with the _________ and is found at each _______ of the_________bone.
The proximal epiphysis is closest to the _________of the body.
hyaline, articular
The articulating portion of the epiphysis is coated w/ ________ cartilage called ar________cartilage.
The shaft of the long bone is called?
fibrous, periosteum.
The diaphysis is covered by a tough vascular cover of ___________tissue called _____________.
Helps form and repair bone tissue.
What is the function of periosteum?