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Chapter 7 Lab 14. Holes' Human Anatomy.

frontal bone

parietal bone

temporal bone

zygomatic process in temporal bone

styloid process in temporal bone

mastoid process in temporal bone

internal auditory meatus in temporal bone

small canals (look like hole) in temporal bone

mandibular fossa in temporal bone

occipital bone

foramen magnum in occipital bone

the big hole

occipital condyles

sphenoid bone

greater wings of sphenoid bone

lesser wings of sphenoid bone

sella turcica of sphenoid bone

coronal suture

sagittal suture

lambdoidal suture

squamous suture

frontal sinus

the cavity

frontal, sphenoid, ethmoid, maxillary

list the paranasal sinuses (there are 4 that we need to know)

sphenoid sinus

sphenoid sinus

ethmoid sinus

sphenoid sinus

the green areas

frontal sinus

the blue areas

ethmoid sinus

the pink areas

maxillary sinus

the yellow areas

ethmoid sinus

the general name for what is found in the pink area

sphenoid sinus

the green area

frontal sinus

the blue area

maxillary sinus

what is the big cavity in the bone (other images to help orient place)

ethmoid bone

what is the bone (images to help orient place)

crista galli in ethmoid bone

what is this pointed protrusion

crista galli in ethmoid bone

what is 2

perpendicular plate

nasal bone

what is the lightening bolt pointing to? small pink area

palatine process of the maxilla

maxilla bone

zygomatic bones

lacrimal bones

palatine bone

what is the bone that the heart of pointing to (small blue bone)


what is the purple bone that the black thunderbolt is pointing to

mandibular condyle of the mandible bone

coronoid process of mandible

mandibular foramen of the mandible

the hole (canal)

mental foramen of mandible

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