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frolicsome adj. Prankish.
frontier n. The part of a nation's territory that abuts upon another country.
frowzy adj. Slovenly in appearance.
frugal adj. Economical.
fruition n. Fulfillment.
fugacious adj. Fleeting.
fulcrum n. The support on or against which a lever rests, or the point about which it turns.
fulminate v. To cause to explode.
fulsome adj. Offensive from excess of praise or commendation.
fumigate v. To subject to the action of smoke or fumes, especially for disinfection.
functionary n. An official.
fundamental adj. Basal.
fungible adj. That may be measured, counted, or weighed.
fungous adj. Spongy.
fungus n. A plant destitute of chlorophyll, as a mushroom.
furbish v. To restore brightness or beauty to.
furlong n. A measure, one-eighth of a mile.
furlough n. A temporary absence of a soldier or sailor by permission of the commanding officer.
furrier n. A dealer in or maker of fur goods.
further adj. More distant or advanced.
furtherance n. Advancement.
furtive adj. Stealthy or sly, like the actions of a thief.
fuse v. To unite or blend as by melting together.
fusible adj. Capable of being melted by heat.
futile adj. Of no avail or effect.
futurist n. A person of expectant temperament.
gauge n. An instrument for measuring.
gaiety n. Festivity.
gaily adv. Merrily.
gait n. Carriage of the body in going.
gallant adj. Possessing a brave or chivalrous spirit.
galore adj. Abundant.
galvanic adj. Pertaining or relating to electricity produced by chemical action.
galvanism n. Current electricity, especially that arising from chemical action.
galvanize v. To imbue with life or animation.
gamble v. To risk money or other possession on an event, chance, or contingency.
gambol n. Playful leaping or frisking.
gamester n. A gambler.
gamut n. The whole range or sequence.
garnish v. In cookery, to surround with additions for embellishment.
garrison n. The military force stationed in a fort, town, or other place for its defense.
garrote v. To execute by strangling.
garrulous adj. Given to constant trivial talking.
gaseous adj. Light and unsubstantial.
gastric adj. Of, pertaining to, or near the stomach.
gastritis n. Inflammation of the stomach.
gastronomy n. The art of preparing and serving appetizing food.
gendarme n. In continental Europe, particularly in France, a uniformed and armed police officer.
genealogy n. A list, in the order of succession, of ancestors and their descendants.
genealogist n. A tracer of pedigrees.
generality n. The principal portion.
generalize v. To draw general inferences.
generally adv. Ordinarily.
generate v. To produce or cause to be.
generic adj. Noting a genus or kind; opposed to specific.
generosity n. A disposition to give liberally or to bestow favors heartily.
genesis n. Creation.
geniality n. Warmth and kindliness of disposition.
genital adj. Of or pertaining to the animal reproductive organs.
genitive adj. Indicating source, origin, possession, or the like.
genteel adj. Well-bred or refined.
gentile adj. Belonging to a people not Jewish.
geology n. The department of natural science that treats of the constitution and structure of the earth.
germane adj. Relevant.
germinate v. To begin to develop into an embryo or higher form.
gestation n. Pregnancy.
gesticulate v. To make gestures or motions, as in speaking, or in place of speech.
gesture n. A movement or action of the hands or face, expressive of some idea or emotion.
ghastly adj. Hideous.
gibe v. To utter taunts or reproaches.
giddy adj. Affected with a whirling or swimming sensation in the head.
gigantic adj. Tremendous.
giver n. One who gives, in any sense.
glacial adj. Icy, or icily cold.
glacier n. A field or stream of ice.
gladden v. To make joyous.
glazier n. One who cuts and fits panes of glass, as for windows.
glimmer n. A faint, wavering, unsteady light.
glimpse n. A momentary look.
globose adj. Spherical.
globular adj. Spherical.
glorious adj. Of excellence and splendor.
glutinous adj. Sticky.
gluttonous adj. Given to excess in eating.
gnash v. To grind or strike the teeth together, as from rage.
Gordian knot n. Any difficulty the only issue out of which is by bold or unusual manners.
gourmand n. A connoisseur in the delicacies of the table.
gosling n. A young goose.
gossamer adj. Flimsy.
gourd n. A melon, pumpkin, squash, or some similar fruit having a hard rind.
graceless adj. Ungracious.
gradation n. A step, degree, rank, or relative position in an order or series.
gradient adj. Moving or advancing by steps.
granary n. A storehouse for grain after it is thrashed or husked.
grandeur n. The quality of being grand or admirably great.
grandiloquent adj. Speaking in or characterized by a pompous or bombastic style.
grandiose adj. Having an imposing style or effect.
grantee n. The person to whom property is transferred by deed.
grantor n. The maker of a deed.
granular adj. Composed of small grains or particles.
granulate v. To form into grains or small particles.
granule n. A small grain or particle.
grapple v. To take hold of.
gratification n. Satisfaction.
gratify v. To please, as by satisfying a physical or mental desire or need.
gratuitous adj. Voluntarily.
gratuity n. That which is given without demand or claim. Tip.
gravity n. Seriousness.
gregarious adj. Not habitually solitary or living alone.
grenadier n. A member of a regiment composed of men of great stature.
grief n. Sorrow.
grievance n. That which oppresses, injures, or causes grief and at the same time a sense of wrong.
grievous adj. Creating affliction.
grimace n. A distortion of the features, occasioned by some feeling of pain, disgust, etc.
grindstone n. A flat circular stone, used for sharpening tools.
grisly adj. Fear-inspiring.
grotesque adj. Incongruously composed or ill-proportioned.
grotto n. A small cavern.
ground n. A pavement or floor or any supporting surface on which one may walk.
guess n. Surmise.
guile n. Duplicity.
guileless adj. Frank.
guinea n. An English monetary unit.
guise n. The external appearance as produced by garb or costume.
gullible adj. Credulous.
gumption n. Common sense.
gusto n. Keen enjoyment.
guy n. Stay-rope.
guzzle v. To swallow greedily or hastily; gulp.
gynecocracy n. Female supremacy.
gynecology n. The science that treats of the functions and diseases peculiar to women.
gyrate v. To revolve.
gyroscope n. An instrument for illustrating the laws of rotation.
habitable adj. Fit to be dwelt in.
habitant n. Dweller.
habitual adj. According to usual practice.
habitude n. Customary relation or association.
hackney v. To make stale or trite by repetition.
haggard adj. Worn and gaunt in appearance.
halcyon adj. Calm.
hale adj. Of sound and vigorous health.
handwriting n. Penmanship.
hanger-on n. A parasite.
happy-go-lucky adj. Improvident.
harangue n. A tirade.
harass v. To trouble with importunities, cares, or annoyances.
harbinger n. One who or that which foreruns and announces the coming of any person or thing.
hard-hearted adj. Lacking pity or sympathy.
hardihood n. Foolish daring.
harmonious adj. Concordant in sound.
havoc n. Devastation.
hawthorn n. A thorny shrub much used in England for hedges.
hazard n. Risk.
head first adv. Precipitately, as in diving.
head foremost adv. Precipitately, as in diving.
heartrending adj. Very depressing.
heathenish adj. Irreligious.
heedless adj. Thoughtless.
heifer n. A young cow.
heinous adj. Odiously sinful.
hemorrhage n. Discharge of blood from a ruptured or wounded blood-vessel.
hemorrhoids n. pl. Tumors composed of enlarged and thickened blood-vessels, at the lower end of the rectum.
henchman n. A servile assistant and subordinate.
henpeck v. To worry or harass by ill temper and petty annoyances.
heptagon n. A figure having seven sides and seven angles.
heptarchy n. A group of seven governments.
herbaceous adj. Having the character of a herb.
herbarium n. A collection of dried plants scientifically arranged for study.
herbivorous adj. Feeding on herbs or other vegetable matter, as animals.
hereditary adj. Passing naturally from parent to child.
heredity n. Transmission of physical or mental qualities, diseases, etc., from parent to offspring.
heresy n. An opinion or doctrine subversive of settled beliefs or accepted principles.
heretic n. One who holds opinions contrary to the recognized standards or tenets of any philosophy.
heritage n. Birthright.
hernia n. Protrusion of any internal organ in whole or in part from its normal position.
hesitancy n. A pausing to consider.
hesitant adj. Vacillating.
hesitation n. Vacillation.
heterodox adj. At variance with any commonly accepted doctrine or opinion.
heterogeneity n. Unlikeness of constituent parts.
heterogeneous adj. Consisting of dissimilar elements or ingredients of different kinds.
heteromorphic adj. Deviating from the normal form or standard type.
hexangular adj. Having six angles.
hexapod adj. Having six feet.
hexagon n. A figure with six angles.
hiatus n. A break or vacancy where something necessary to supply the connection is wanting.
hibernal adj. Pertaining to winter.
Hibernian adj. Pertaining to Ireland, or its people.
hideous adj. Appalling.
hilarious adj. Boisterously merry.
hillock n. A small hill or mound.
hinder v. To obstruct.
hindmost adj. Farthest from the front.
hindrance n. An obstacle.
hirsute adj. Having a hairy covering.
hoard v. To gather and store away for the sake of accumulation.
hoarse adj. Having the voice harsh or rough, as from a cold or fatigue.
homage n. Reverential regard or worship.
homogeneity n. Congruity of the members or elements or parts.
homogeneous adj. Made up of similar parts or elements.
homologous adj. Identical in nature, make-up, or relation.
homonym n. A word agreeing in sound with but different in meaning from another.
homophone n. A word agreeing in sound with but different in meaning from another.
honorarium n. A token fee or payment to a professional man for services.
hoodwink v. To deceive.
horde n. A gathered multitude of human beings.
hosiery n. A stocking.
hospitable adj. Disposed to treat strangers or guests with generous kindness.
hospitality n. The practice of receiving and entertaining strangers and guests with kindness.
hostility n. Enmity.
huckster n. One who retails small wares.
humane adj. Compassionate.
humanitarian n. A philanthropist.
humanize v. To make gentle or refined.
humbug n. Anything intended or calculated to deceive or mislead.
humiliate v. To put to shame.
hussar n. A light-horse trooper armed with saber and carbine.
hustle v. To move with haste and promptness.
hybrid adj. Cross-bred.
hydra n. The seven- or nine-headed water-serpent slain by Hercules.
hydraulic adj. Involving the moving of water, of the force exerted by water in motion.
hydrodynamics n. The branch of mechanics that treats of the dynamics of fluids.
hydroelectric adj. Pertaining to electricity developed water or steam.
hydromechanics n. The mechanics of fluids.
hydrometer n. An instrument for determining the density of solids and liquids by flotation.
hydrostatics n. The branch of science that treats of the pressure and equilibrium of fluids.
hydrous adj. Watery.
hygiene n. The branch of medical science that relates to improving health.
hypercritical adj. Faultfinding.
hypnosis n. An artificial trance-sleep.
hypnotic adj. Tending to produce sleep.
hypnotism n. An artificially induced somnambulistic state in which the mind readily acts on suggestion.
hypnotize v. To produce a somnambulistic state in which the mind readily acts on suggestions.
hypocrisy n. Extreme insincerity.
hypocrite n. One who makes false professions of his views or beliefs.
hypodermic adj. Pertaining to the area under the skin.
hypotenuse n. The side of a right-angled triangle opposite the right angle.
hypothesis n. A proposition taken for granted as a premise from which to reach a conclusion.
hysteria n. A nervous affection occurring typically in paroxysms of laughing and crying.
ichthyic adj. Fish-like.
ichthyology n. The branch of zoology that treats of fishes.
ichthyosaurs n. A fossil reptile.
icily adv. Frigidly.
iciness n. The state of being icy.
icon n. An image or likeness.
iconoclast n. An image-breaker.
idealize v. To make to conform to some mental or imaginary standard.
idiom n. A use of words peculiar to a particular language.
idiosyncrasy n. A mental quality or habit peculiar to an individual.
idolize v. To regard with inordinate love or admiration.
ignoble adj. Low in character or purpose.
ignominious adj. Shameful.
Iliad n. A Greek epic poem describing scenes from the siege of Troy.
illegal adj. Not according to law.
illegible adj. Undecipherable.
illegitimate adj. Unlawfully begotten.
illiberal adj. Stingy.
illicit adj. Unlawful.
illimitable adj. Boundless.
illiterate adj. Having little or no book-learning.
ill-natured adj. Surly.
illogical adj. Contrary to the rules of sound thought.
illuminant n. That which may be used to produce light.
illuminate v. To supply with light.
illumine v. To make bright or clear.
illusion n. An unreal image presented to the senses.
illusive adj. Deceptive.
illusory adj. Deceiving or tending to deceive, as by false appearance.
imaginable adj. That can be imagined or conceived in the mind.
imaginary adj. Fancied.
imbibe v. To drink or take in.
imbroglio n. A misunderstanding attended by ill feeling, perplexity, or strife.
imbrue v. To wet or moisten.
imitation n. That which is made as a likeness or copy.
imitator n. One who makes in imitation.
immaculate adj. Without spot or blemish.
immaterial adj. Of no essential consequence.
immature adj. Not full-grown.
immeasurable adj. Indefinitely extensive.
immense adj. Very great in degree, extent, size, or quantity.
immerse v. To plunge or dip entirely under water or other fluid.
immersion n. The act of plunging or dipping entirely under water or another fluid.
immigrant n. A foreigner who enters a country to settle there.
immigrate v. To come into a country or region from a former habitat.
imminence n. Impending evil or danger.
imminent adj. Dangerous and close at hand.
immiscible adj. Separating, as oil and water.
immoral adj. Habitually engaged in licentious or lewd practices.
immortalize v. To cause to last or to be known or remembered throughout a great or indefinite length of time.
immovable adj. Steadfast.
immune adj. Exempt, as from disease.
immutable adj. Unchangeable.
impair v. To cause to become less or worse.
impalpable adj. Imperceptible to the touch.
impartial adj. Unbiased.
impassable adj. That can not be passed through or over.
impassible adj. Not moved or affected by feeling.
impassive adj. Unmoved by or not exhibiting feeling.
impatience n. Unwillingness to brook delays or wait the natural course of things.
impeccable adj. Blameless.
impecunious adj. Having no money.
impede v. To be an obstacle or to place obstacles in the way of.
impel v. To drive or urge forward.
impend v. To be imminent.
imperative adj. Obligatory.
imperceptible adj. Indiscernible.
imperfectible adj. That can not be perfected.
imperil v. To endanger.
imperious adj. Insisting on obedience.
impermissible adj. Not permissible.
impersonal adj. Not relating to a particular person or thing.
impersonate v. To appear or act in the character of.
impersuadable adj. Unyielding.
impertinence n. Rudeness.
imperturbable adj. Calm.
impervious adj. Impenetrable.
impetuosity n. Rashness.
impetuous adj. Impulsive.
impetus n. Any impulse or incentive.
impiety n. Irreverence toward God.
impious adj. Characterized by irreverence or irreligion.
implausible adj. Not plausible.
impliable adj. Capable of being inferred.
implicate v. To show or prove to be involved in or concerned
implicit adj. Implied.
imply v. To signify.
impolitic adj. Inexpedient.
importation n. The act or practice of bringing from one country into another.
importunate adj. Urgent in character, request, or demand.
importune v. To harass with persistent demands or entreaties.
impotent adj. Destitute of or lacking in power, physical, moral, or intellectual.
impoverish v. To make indigent or poor.
impracticable adj. Not feasible.
impregnable adj. That can not be taken by assault.
impregnate v. To make pregnant.
impromptu n. Anything done or said on the impulse of the moment.
improper adj. Not appropriate, suitable, or becoming.
impropriety n. The state or quality of being unfit, unseemly, or inappropriate.
improvident adj. Lacking foresight or thrift.
improvise v. To do anything extemporaneously or offhand.
imprudent adj. Heedless.
impudence n. Insolent disrespect.
impugn v. To assail with arguments, insinuations, or accusations.
impulsion n. Impetus.
impulsive adj. Unpremeditated.
impunity n. Freedom from punishment.
impure adj. Tainted.
impute v. To attribute.
inaccessible adj. Difficult of approach.
inaccurate adj. Not exactly according to the facts.
inactive adj. Inert.
inadequate adj. Insufficient.
inadmissible adj. Not to be approved, considered, or allowed, as testimony.
inadvertent adj. Accidental.
inadvisable adj. Unadvisable.
inane adj. Silly.
inanimate adj. Destitute of animal life.
inapprehensible adj. Not to be understood.
inapt adj. Awkward or slow.
inarticulate adj. Speechless.
inaudible adj. That can not be heard.
inborn adj. Implanted by nature.
inbred adj. Innate.
incandescence n. The state of being white or glowing with heat.
incandescent adj. White or glowing with heat.
incapacitate v. To deprive of power, capacity, competency, or qualification.
incapacity n. Want of power to apprehend, understand, and manage.
incarcerate v. To imprison.
incendiary n. Chemical or person who starts a fire-literally or figuratively.
incentive n. That which moves the mind or inflames the passions.
inception n. The beginning.
inceptive adj. Beginning.
incessant adj. Unceasing.
inchmeal adv. Piecemeal.
inchoate adj. Incipient.
inchoative n. That which begins, or expresses beginning.
incidence n. Casual occurrence.
incident n. A happening in general, especially one of little importance.
incidentally adv. Without intention.
incinerate v. To reduce to ashes.
incipience n. Beginning.
incipient adj. Initial.
incisor n. A front or cutting tooth.
incite v. To rouse to a particular action.
incitement n. That which moves to action, or serves as an incentive or stimulus.
incoercible adj. Incapable of being forced, constrained, or compelled.
incoherence n. Want of connection, or agreement, as of parts or ideas in thought, speech, etc.
incoherent adj. Not logically coordinated, as to parts, elements, or details.
incombustible adj. That can not be burned.
incomparable adj. Matchless.
incompatible adj. Discordant.
incompetence n. General lack of capacity or fitness.
incompetent adj. Not having the abilities desired or necessary for any purpose.
incomplete adj. Lacking some element, part, or adjunct necessary or required.
incomprehensible adj. Not understandable.
incompressible adj. Resisting all attempts to reduce volume by pressure.
inconceivable adj. Incomprehensible.
incongruous adj. Unsuitable for the time, place, or occasion.
inconsequential adj. Valueless.
inconsiderable adj. Small in quantity or importance.
inconsistent adj. Contradictory.
inconstant adj. Changeable.
incontrovertible adj. Indisputable.
inconvenient adj. Interfering with comfort or progress.
indefensible adj. Untenable.
indefinitely adv. In a vague or uncertain way.
indelible adj. That can not be blotted out, effaced, destroyed, or removed.
indescribable adj. That can not be described.
indestructible adj. That can not be destroyed.
indicant adj. That which points out.
indicator n. One who or that which points out.
indict v. To find and declare chargeable with crime.
indigence n. Poverty.
indigenous adj. Native.
indigent adj. Poor.
indigestible adj. Not digestible, or difficult to digest.
indigestion n. Difficulty or failure in the alimentary canal in changing food into absorptive nutriment.
indignant adj. Having such anger and scorn as is aroused by meanness or wickedness.
indignity n. Unmerited contemptuous conduct or treatment.
indiscernible adj. Not perceptible.
indiscreet adj. Lacking wise judgment.
indiscriminate adj. Promiscuous.
indispensable adj. Necessary or requisite for the purpose.
indistinct adj. Vague.
indivertible adj. That can not be turned aside.
indivisible adj. Not separable into parts.
indolence n. Laziness.
indolent adj. Habitually inactive or idle.
indomitable adj. Unconquerable.
induct v. To bring in.
indulgence n. The yielding to inclination, passion, desire, or propensity in oneself or another.
indulgent adj. Yielding to the desires or humor of oneself or those under one's care.
inebriate v. To intoxicate.
inedible adj. Not good for food.
ineffable adj. Unutterable.
inefficient adj. Not accomplishing an intended purpose.
inefficiency n. That which does not accomplish an intended purpose.
ineligible adj. Not suitable to be selected or chosen.
inept adj. Not fit or suitable.
inert adj. Inanimate.
inestimable adj. Above price.
inevitable adj. Unavoidable.
inexcusable adj. Not to be justified.
inexhaustible adj. So large or furnishing so great a supply as not to be emptied, wasted, or spent.
inexorable adj. Unrelenting.
inexpedient adj. Unadvisable.
inexpensive adj. Low-priced.
inexperience n. Lack of or deficiency in experience.
inexplicable adj. Such as can not be made plain.
inexpressible adj. Unutterable.
inextensible adj. Of unchangeable length or area.
infallible adj. Exempt from