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  1. guanine
  2. what is the difference between the N-terminus and the C-terminus of a polypeptide?
  3. 1 starch
    2 cellulose
  4. what are the major components of nitrogenous bases
  5. what are proteins?
  1. a The N-terminus has a free amino group and the C-terminus has a free carboxyl group.
  2. b 1. moderate branching
    2. unbranched
    3. highly branched
  3. c carbon
    single or double carbon ring
  4. d proteins are polymers essential to nearly all life processes
  5. e cytosine

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  1. isomers
  2. DNA and RNA
  3. nitrogen
    c atoms.
  4. structural
  5. Hydrogen

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  1. what bonding properties of carbon allow for the creation of groups of atoms with distinct shapes and functions?1.carbon containing molecules can form isomer.
    2. carbon can form four covalent bonds.
    3. carbon can create double and triple bonds.


  2. which of the following describes the relationship between condensation reactions and dehydration synthesishydrogen


  3. what are protein-protein interactionspolymers are broken down one monomer at a time by the addition of water.


  4. which of the following describe sugarlipids are hydrophobic molecules composed primarily of hydrogen and carbon.


  5. the four nitrogenous bases present in DNA are__________,___________,____,and______nitrogen
    c atoms.