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  1. 1.monounsaturated fatty acids
    2. polyunsaturated fatty acids
    3. saturated fatty acid
  2. the four nitrogenous bases present in DNA are__________,___________,____,and______
  3. 1.fat
    2. waxes
    3. steroid
    4. phospholipids
  4. Steroids all contain_______fused rings of carbon atoms with one or more polar __ groups attached to the ring structure
  5. what are macromolecules
  1. a large molecules that are form by joining smaller molecules together
  2. b 1. energy storage
    2. create a barrier to water loss
    3. form hormones important in reproduction
    4. plasma membrane structure
  3. c 4
  4. d 1. contain one double bonded carbon
    2. liquid at room temperature
    3. contain no double bonded carbons
  5. e 1. adenine
    2. guanine
    3. thymine
    4. cytosine

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  1. starch
  2. carbohydrates
    nucleic acids
  3. The repeating helical structure that is formed by a polypeptide backbone
  4. phosphodiester
  5. DNA and RNA

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  1. what are proteins?proteins are polymers essential to nearly all life processes


  2. _______reactions, which form polymers form simple monomers, are reversible through the process of ________________dehydration


  3. which of the following are categories of macromolecules found in cellsnucleic acids


  4. what are the major classes of lipidswaxes


  5. what are protein-protein interactionswhen one protein binds to another, this is called a protein- protein interaction