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  1. the building blocks of nucleic acids are monomers called
  2. guanine
  3. what is determined by the expression of genetic information?
  4. the four nitrogenous bases present in DNA are__________,___________,____,and______
  5. ____bridges can form between the side chains of two cysteine amino acids.
  1. a disulfide
  2. b 1. adenine
    2. guanine
    3. thymine
    4. cytosine
  3. c what type of cell is formed(liver or muscle)
    the identity of an organism (eg human or mouse)
  4. d cytosine
  5. e nucleotides

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  1. cytosine
  2. when one protein binds to another, this is called a protein- protein interaction
  3. 1.the linear sequence of amino acids
    2. two or more interacting polypeptides
    3. repetitive folding patterns such as a helix and B pleated sheet
    4. the three- dimensional structure of a polypeptide
  4. large molecules that are form by joining smaller molecules together
  5. hydrogen

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  1. what type of bonds is responsible for the base pairing between two strands of DNA in the double helix?1.carbon containing molecules can form isomer.
    2. carbon can form four covalent bonds.
    3. carbon can create double and triple bonds.


  2. 1. starch
    2. metabolic enzymes
    2. protein
    3. lipid
    4. nucleic acid


  3. what are the major differences between dehydration reactions and hydrolysis reactionsA sugar is broken down into fructose and glucose molecules
    A strand of DNS is broken down into individual nucleotides


  4. 1.monounsaturated fatty acids
    2. polyunsaturated fatty acids
    3. saturated fatty acid


  5. isomers have identical bonding, but the atoms are positioned differently, resulting mirror images.cis-trans isomers