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  1. isomers are formed with the same atoms but with different bonding relationships
  2. how are nucleotides linked together to form nucleic acids
  3. which of the following describes the relationship between condensation reactions and dehydration synthesis
  4. what type of bonds is responsible for the base pairing between two strands of DNA in the double helix?
  5. If a protein may contain several different domains and each domain has____function
  1. a Hydrogen
  2. b different
  3. c the phosphate group of one nucleotide is covalently linked to the sugar of the second nucleotide
  4. d dehydration synthesis is specific type of condensation reaction involving the loss of a water molecule.
    condensation reactions and dehydration synthesis occur when two or more molecules combine to form a larger molecule.
  5. e structural

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  1. 4
  2. waxes
  3. deoxyribose
  4. what type of cell is formed(liver or muscle)
    the identity of an organism (eg human or mouse)
  5. cytosine

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  1. The ______,____and______structtural levels of a protein describe a protein with a single polypeptide chain.1.primary
    2. secondary
    3. tertiary


  2. what are the structural components of a polypeptide1.N-terminus
    2.peptide backbone
    3. c-terminus


  3. what is an alpha helix?The repeating helical structure that is formed by a polypeptide backbone


  4. why do phospholipids arrage into bilayersthe bilayers is the most energetically favorable arrangement in aqueous solution.
    the hydrophillic ends attract water while the hydrophobic ends exclude water


  5. what are the three main properties of carbon that are important in forming organic moleculesamino and carbonyl