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  1. _______reactions, which form polymers form simple monomers, are reversible through the process of ________________
  2. isomers are formed with the same atoms but with different bonding relationships
  3. what are macromolecules
  4. how are monomers and polymers related to one another
  5. the sugar found in ribonucleotides of RNA is____________
  1. a dehydration
  2. b structural
  3. c large molecules that are form by joining smaller molecules together
  4. d polymers are large macromolecules composed of many monomers linked together
  5. e ribose

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  1. waxes
  2. what type of cell is formed(liver or muscle)
    the identity of an organism (eg human or mouse)
  3. base
  4. dehydration reactions involve the loss of water and hydrolysis reactions involve the addition of water
    dehydration reactions form polymers hydrolysis reactions break down polymers into monomers.
  5. 1. moderate branching
    2. unbranched
    3. highly branched

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  1. what are protein-protein interactionswhen one protein binds to another, this is called a protein- protein interaction


  2. which of the following atoms form nonpolar covalent bonds with carbonhydrogen


  3. guanine
    proteins are polymers essential to nearly all life processes


  4. what are proteins?proteins are polymers essential to nearly all life processes


  5. rank the following polysaccharides of glucose in order od most branched form to least branches form.nucleic acids


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