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  1. The ______,____and______structtural levels of a protein describe a protein with a single polypeptide chain.
  2. which of the following describe sugar
  3. the building blocks of nucleic acids are monomers called
  4. why do phospholipids arrage into bilayers
  5. what are the structural components of a polypeptide
  1. a The simplest sugar are monosaccharides
    sugar contain carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen
    sugar store energy in their chemical bonds.
  2. b 1.N-terminus
    2.peptide backbone
    3. c-terminus
  3. c nucleotides
  4. d the bilayers is the most energetically favorable arrangement in aqueous solution.
    the hydrophillic ends attract water while the hydrophobic ends exclude water
  5. e 1.primary
    2. secondary
    3. tertiary

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  1. only stereoisomer have identical bonding relationships but different structures
    only structural isomers contain the same atoms,but with different bonding relationships.
  2. hydrogen
  3. 1. contain one double bonded carbon
    2. liquid at room temperature
    3. contain no double bonded carbons
  4. proteins are polymers essential to nearly all life processes
  5. nitrogen
    c atoms.

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  1. isomers have identical bonding, but the atoms are positioned differently, resulting mirror images.enantiomers


  2. If a protein may contain several different domains and each domain has____functiondeoxyribose


  3. isomers are formed with the same atoms but with different bonding relationshipsstructural


  4. 1. primary
    2. quaternary
    3. secondary
    1. transmission of genetic information to daughter cells
    2. transfer of genetic information into protein
    3. store of genetic information
    4. decoding genetic information


  5. what are the two major classes of nucleic acids?waxes