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  1. what are the major classes of lipids
  2. what are the major differences between dehydration reactions and hydrolysis reactions
  3. _______reactions, which form polymers form simple monomers, are reversible through the process of ________________
  4. which of the following are categories of macromolecules found in cells
  5. isomers are formed with the same atoms but with different bonding relationships
  1. a nucleic acids
  2. b dehydration reactions involve the loss of water and hydrolysis reactions involve the addition of water
    dehydration reactions form polymers hydrolysis reactions break down polymers into monomers.
  3. c structural
  4. d waxes
  5. e dehydration

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  1. carbon
  2. base
  3. 4
  4. 1. moderate branching
    2. unbranched
    3. highly branched
  5. 1.the linear sequence of amino acids
    2. two or more interacting polypeptides
    3. repetitive folding patterns such as a helix and B pleated sheet
    4. the three- dimensional structure of a polypeptide

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  1. what are the two major classes of nucleic acids?DNA and RNA


  2. Steroids all contain_______fused rings of carbon atoms with one or more polar __ groups attached to the ring structurelower


  3. what are the major components of nitrogenous basescarbon
    single or double carbon ring


  4. which of the following atoms form nonpolar covalent bonds with carbonhydrogen


  5. which of the following describe sugarlarge molecules that are form by joining smaller molecules together