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  1. a______is a compound that lowers the concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution.
  2. what are lipids
  3. how are nucleotides linked together to form nucleic acids
  4. 1 starch
    2 cellulose
  5. the sugar found in ribonucleotides of RNA is____________
  1. a ribose
  2. b lipids are hydrophobic molecules composed primarily of hydrogen and carbon.
  3. c the phosphate group of one nucleotide is covalently linked to the sugar of the second nucleotide
  4. d base
  5. e 1. moderate branching
    2. unbranched
    3. highly branched

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  1. deoxyribose
  2. dehydration synthesis is specific type of condensation reaction involving the loss of a water molecule.
    condensation reactions and dehydration synthesis occur when two or more molecules combine to form a larger molecule.
  3. DNA and RNA
  4. 1.carbohydratre
    2. protein
    3. lipid
    4. nucleic acid
  5. isomers

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  1. what are the major differences between dehydration reactions and hydrolysis reactionsA sugar is broken down into fructose and glucose molecules
    A strand of DNS is broken down into individual nucleotides


  2. what regions of a phospholipid bilayer face water and which face the interior of the membrane aways from water?the polar regions face water, and the nonpolar regions face the interior.


  3. how are structural isomers and stereoisomers different form one another?only stereoisomer have identical bonding relationships but different structures
    only structural isomers contain the same atoms,but with different bonding relationships.


  4. what is determined by the expression of genetic information?what type of cell is formed(liver or muscle)
    the identity of an organism (eg human or mouse)


  5. how many polypeptides are involved in the quaternary structure of a proteinat least two polypeptides