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Minoan 1550-1450 BCE

Bull Leaping Fresco

Mesopotamia 2100-2050 BCE

Ziggurat of Ur

Paleolithic Era 22000-21000 BCE

Woman of Willendorf

Egypt 1348-1336 BCE

Akhenaten and Family

1400 BCE

Liongate Anatolia

Greek 447-438 BCE Kaallikrates & Iktinos


Greek 480 BCE

Kritian Boy

Myron Greek 450 BCE


Greek 190 BCE

Nike of Samothrace

Etruscan 520 BCE

Bride Sarcophagus

Roman 20 BCE

Augustus of Prima Porta

Roman 90 CE

Young Flavian Woman

Roman 113-116 CE

Column of Trajan

Hadrian Roman 118-128 CE


Roman 176 CE

Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius

Roman 300 CE

The Tetrarchs

Anthemius & Isidorus Byzantine 532-537 CE

Hagia Sophia

Romanesque 1063 CE

Pisa Cathedral

Gothic 1134-1220 CE

Chartes Cathedral

Giotto Proto-Renaissance 1305-1306 CE


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