Biology Test Protists

Bricker Biology 1/26/2013
What is Protozoa?
animal like protists
Diseases caused by Protozoa (5)
Describe Malarya
caused by a protist called plasmodium
vector: mosquito
symptoms- high fever, chills
*plasmodium will initially infect liver, and then the red blood cells
Describe Giardia
causes giardiasis (beaver fever)
comes from consuming in contaminated food or water
vector: lives in intestinal tract of beaver, beaver poops in water, and then is consumed by a human
symptoms- diahrrea, vomiting
Describe Trypanasoma
causes African sleeping sickness
vector: tsetse fly
symptoms: high fever, chills, end up in a coma, die
Describe Leishmania
causes leishmaniasis
vector: sand fly
causes disfiguring skin sores on body
Describe entoamoeba
causes amebic dysentery
lives in amoeb a intestines
consumed in water
damages intestine walls, causes nternal bleeding
What is a vector?
an organism that carries the disease
Tell how an Amoeba obtains food
After phagocytosis, amoeba moes toward food as psuedopod
forms an outward pocket, traps particle
membrane encloses around food
food is placed in food vacuole
Tell Amoeba exocytosis
amoeba removes waste products too large to pass by exocytosis
moves to cell membrane
membrane and waste product fuse together
membrane breaks open and waste is releases
What is the nucleus' job?
contols all cell functions
What is contractile vacuoles' job?
pumps out excess water, and regulates turgor pressure
Describe Amoeboid Movement
ectoplasm and endoplasm begin to flow
pushes against the cell membrane in the direction the amoeba wants to move
pushing the membrane outward to form a psuedopod
What does psuedopod mean?
false, foot//due to the fact that the foot can be anywhere on the cell
Describe Ectoplasm
really thin, more fluid
Describe Endoplasm
dense, very thick, makes up rest of the inside amoeba
How does an amoeba reproduce?
reproduces asexually, by binary fission
What is a cyst?
Forms on an amoeba; protects outside of amoeba, when unfavorable conditions occur (high heat, too cold, no water
What is irritablility?
chracteristics of ectoplasm and endooplasm, that allows amoebas to respond ot environment
Tell amoebas preferences
amoebas can move toward certain chemicals, away from high heat or extreme cold, does not like light
How does a paramecium obtain food?
Cillia lining beats back and forth
water comes in oral groove, through mouth pore and down gullet
food is placed in vacuole for digestion
excess water is pumped out
What is a radiating canal or contractile vacuoles' jobs?
helps pull more water out of endoplasm, whatever can not be digested is pumped out of anal pore
What is a macronucleus?
controls all cell funtions
What is a micronucleus?
only functions during reproduction
What is a trychocyst?
coiled fiber inside, used as defense mechanism

*if predator came into contact, it would kill the predator
How does paramecium reproduce?
asexually; by binary fission.
step1: micronucleus divides by meiosis
step2: micronucleus divides, has 4 cells, each cell with haploid chromosome number
step3: 3 micronuclei will disintegrate, remaining will divide through mitosis-then has 2 micronuclei each haploid
step4:2 paramecia join at oral groove and exchange a micronucleus--2 micronuclei join and macronucleus disintegrates and new micro forms from macro
What is conjugation?
allows for genetic variation among offspring
What form is chemical waste products stored in?
How does vorticella reproduce?
What are three methods of movement?
What causes euglenoids to lose their chloroplasts?
high temperatures
uv light