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Positioning of the Pelvic Girdle

AP Pelvis

IR :14x17
CR :perpendicular to midpoint of film
Top of IR 11/2"-2" above iliac crest
Rotate feet internally, heels 8"-10" apart
Marker: down and out

AP Low Pelvis

Top of IR at ASIA

AP Hip

IR: 10x12 or 11x14
CR: perpendicular to neck of femur
Top of IR on 10x12 at ASIS
Rotate feet internally 15-20 degrees unless cantraindicated
Marker: up and out or down and out

AP Oblique Cleaves method
(Frog leg)

IR: 10"x12" or 14"x17"
CR: perpendicular to neck of the femur
Top of IR right above or at ASIS
Flex and abduct leg 40 degrees (foot drawn up against opposite knee)
Marker: up and out

Lateral Hip Lauenstein and Hickey Method
True Lateral

IR: 10"x12' or 11"x14"
CR: perpendicular to neck of the femur
Top of film at ASIS
Flex hip and knee of affected side and rotate patient toward side of interest. Bring thigh to almost a right angle with body and abduct until resting on table.
Marker: up and out

Axiolateral Cross Table Hip
Danelius-Miller Method= True Lateral

IR: 10"x12" with a GRID
CR: perpendicular to long axis of femoral neck
Film and grid parallel to long axis of femoral neck.
Beam: horizontal
Rotate foot internally 15-20 degrees
Elevate unaffected leg
Marker: up and out

AP Oblique Acetabulum (Judet )

IR: 10"x12"(unilateral) 14"x17"(bilateral)
CR: perpendicular to femoral head of affected side if unilateral; perpendicular to mid-pelvis if entire pelvis included. 2" medial and 2"inferior to ASIS upside
Film from crest to pubis
Patient 45 degrees RPO or LPO
Marker: up and out

AP Axial Anterior Pelvic Bones
(Pelvic Outlet)

IR: 14"x17"
CR: 30-45 degrees cephalic(female)
20-35 degrees cephalic (male)
Center 2"superior to symphysis pubis (include entire pelvis)
NOTE: Obterators OPEN
Marker: up and out

Superoinferior Axial Anterior Pelvic Bones
(Pelvic Inlet)

IR: 14"x17"
CR: 35-40 degrees caudal
Center 2"superior to symphysis pubis (include entire pelvis)
NOTE; Obterators CLOSED

SI Joints Posterior Obliques

IR: 8"10 or 10'x12" lengthwise
CR: perpendicular to SI joint, 1"medial to ASIS upside
Left SI joint -RPO
Right SI joint -LPO
ASIS landmark: same level as SI joint
Collimate side to side/up and down collimation is all the way open
Marker: down and out

SI Joints AP Axial

IR: 10"x12" Cosswise
CR: 30-35 degrees cephalad;11/2"-2"inferior to ASIS at midline
Use all 3 cells on AEC

Cross Table Hip
Clements Nakayama

IR: 10"x12" with a GRID
CR: femoral neck and cross at midcoronal plane /tube angle 10-15 degrees and make sure IR is parallel to tube housing
Patient is supine, patients legs usually tied together so the tube angle is used b/c patient is unable to move unaffected leg out of the way.
Marker: up and out

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