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Formulas that release exterior cold

Ma Huang Tang (Ephedra decoction)
S/s: Fever and chills, no sweat, body aches and pains, headache, cough/wheeze, tongue: thin white coat, pulse: floating and tight. Path: wind cold constrains wei qi (no sweat), Fx: release exterior and subdue rebellious lung qi. Herbs: Ma Huang opens pores, Gui Zhi pushes cold thru pores, Xing Ren assists Ma Huang stop cough and wheeze, Zhi Gan Cao restrains diaphoretic effect of Ma Huang
San Ao Tang
same as Ma Huang Tang WITHOUT Gui Zhi, to reduce diaphoretic effect
Gui Zhi Tang (Cinnamon Twig Decoction)
s/s: fever and chills, sweat that does not release the pathogen, stiff neck, headache. T: thin white coat, P: floating and moderate. Path: exterior wind cold leads to xu condition. Fx: release ext, harmonize ying and wei. Herbs: Gui Zhi releases exterior, Sheng Jiang assists Gui Zhi release ext, Bai Shao tonifies yin and blood, Da Zao tonifies yin and blood, Zhi Gan Cao harmonizes
Xiao Qing Long Tang (minor blue green dragon decoction)
s/s: fever and chills, no sweat, thin stringy copious white sputum, stifling sensation in chest, cough and wheeze, sensation of heaviness, T: moist coat, P: floating, tight. Path: exteral wind cold with internal accumulation of phlegm rheum. Fx: release exterior, transform phlegm rheum, warm lungs, direct rebellious qi down. Herbs: 1)Ma Huang and 2)Gui Zhi release exterior, 3)Gan Jiang warms interior and transforms congested fluids, 4)Xi Xin assists chief herbs in releasing exterior, 5)Wu Wei Zi (stabilizes and binds) prevents leakage of lung qi, 6)Bai Shao tonifies blood and ying qi, 7) Ban Xia transforms phlegm cold, 8)Zhi Gan Cao harmonizes sour and acrid herbs
Xiang Su San (cyperus and perilla powder)
s/s: fever and chills without sweat, headache, focal distention and stifling sensation in chest and epigastrium, poor appetite and belching. Path: combo of exterior wind cold and interior qi constrain. Fx: regulate qi and release exterior