Goals Plans Action Theory


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explains the process through which people produce messages like these- messages that are intended to change or maintain the attitudes or behaviors of others
1) assumes that many aspects of interaction are socially constructed

2)individuals make choices about the messages that they create & they do so with some degree of awareness

3)much of the world is patterned, knowable, and objective
3-step sequence
1) goals
primary goals
initiate the process that results in message production
secondary goals
the desire to achieve the primary goal that brings about consideration of one or secondary goals
identity goals
focus on ethical, moral, and personal standards for behavior
conversation management
concerns about impression management and face
relational resource goals
focus on relationship management; benefits that flow to the source bc of the relationship itself
personal resource goals
reflect the physical, temporal, and material concerns of communicator; arise from desire to maintain or enhance one's physical well- being, temporal resources, finances, and material possessions
affect management goals
individuals try to create or maintain preferred affective states
influence plans
mental guidelines for the production of verbal and nonverbal behaviors