Ch 35 Review: Preparing the Exam and Treatment Areas

Who is responsible for prepaing the exam room?
The Medical Assistant
What does a physician do to confirm a patient's health or diagnosis?
General Physical Exam
What is an Exam Room?
Where the physician observes the patient, listens to the patient's description of symptoms and perform and general physical exam.
How many exam rooms are there per doctor?
What determines the number of rooms a physician/clinic has?
Number of doctors and patient load
What is the typical exam room size?
Where are medical records stored while a patient is in the room?
On a rack outside the door
What is a key piece of equipment to an exam room?
Exam table
Where should the exam table be located?
Center of the room or coming out from the wall
According to ADA regualtion, how wide must the door be?
36 inches
What is the first step to infection control?
Paper towels use helps aviod what?
Contaminating clean hands with microorganisms
What is the covering of the exam table made with?
Disposeable paper
How often is the covering of the exam table changed?
Every use
How is the covering removed?
Quickly, roll up tightly, starting from the bottom up to the pillow.
What should be done with the covering after removal?
Disposed in a biohazardous container
What technique is used to clean surfaces in an exam room?
What is used to make the disinfectant?
10% solution of household bleach in water or EPA approved substance
When should surfaces be disinfected?
After each use/patient, when contaminated with tissue, blood, and body fluids
How often should the restrooms be cleaned?
Cleaned and disinfected daily
Who is responsible for damp dusting?
The MA
What is the normal room temperature for an exam room?
72' F
Should biohazards be stored in the same refrigerator as food?
What does OSHA prohibit where potentially infectious materials are?
Smoking, chewing gum, applying cosmetics, rubbing eyes, drinking, and eating
What should a Lab Refrigerator temperature be?
What should a Food Refrigerator temperature be?
What is Anoscope used for?
Open the anus for examination
What provides additional light during an exam and had a flexible arm?
Examination light
What is a Laryngeal Mirror for?
Reflects light inside of mouth and throat for examination
What instrument enlarges the nose for examination?
Nasal Speculum
What is used to examine the eye?
What is used to examine the ear and tympanic membrane?
What has a hard, rubber, triangle head to check for reflexes?
Reflex Hammer
What is used to listen to body sounds?
What is a Tuning Fork for?
To check the patient's hearing
What is the vaginal speculum for?
Enlarge the vagina to make vagina/cervix more accesssible for visual exam
What 2 instruments should be sanitized?
Otoscope and Opthalmoscope
What 2 instruments should be disinfected?
Laryngeal mirror and Nasal Speculum
What 2 instruments should be sterilized?
Vaginal Speculum and Anoscope
What are some disposable items?
Syringes, cotton tipped applicators, cotton balls, glass slides, tongue depressors
What is a consumable item?
Isopropyl Alcohol
What is used for cleansing the skin?
Isopropyl Alcohol
Should flammable liquids be kept near a heat source?
What is the 1st thing that should be done when using the a fire extinguisher?
Pull the pin
What is placed on the steps of an exam table visible for all patients?
Wide strip of relective tape