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  1. Hydrogenentation
  2. Polysaccharides
  3. Primary Structure
  4. Tryglyceride
  5. RNA
  1. a long chains of sugar units--polymers or monosaccharides
  2. b the process that the manufacturer can convert unsaturated fats to saturated fats by hydrogen
  3. c made of a glycerol molecule joined with three fatty acid molecules via dehydration reactions
  4. d the specific amino acid sequence
  5. e Ribonucleic Acid; single stranded

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  1. simple sugar
  2. are information storage molecules that provide the directions for building proteins
  3. Deoxyribonucleic Acid; double stranded
  4. consists of a central carbon atom bonded to four covalent partners (carbon always forms 4 covalent bonds)
  5. the process of an unfavorable change in temperature, pH, or some other quality of the environment can cause a protein to unravel and lose its natural shape

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  1. Organic Chemistrythe study of organic compounds


  2. Trans FatRibonucleic Acid; single stranded


  3. Disaccharidedouble sugar, is constructed from two monosaccharides through a dehydration reaction


  4. Sugar-Phosphate Backbonea repeating pattern of sugar-phosphate-sugar-phosphate, with the bases hanging off the backbone like appendages


  5. Functional Groupsin an organic molecule, the groups of atoms that usually participate in chemical reactions