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  1. Organic Compounds
  2. Monomer
  3. DNA
  4. Protein
  5. Lipid
  1. a a polymer constructed from amino acid monomers
  2. b Deoxyribonucleic Acid; double stranded
  3. c small molecules
  4. d in contrast to carbohydrates and most other biological molecules, lipids are hydrophobic
  5. e compounds that contain carbon

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  1. double sugar, is constructed from two monosaccharides through a dehydration reaction
  2. A molecule of DNA in double-stranded sequence, with two polynucleotides wrapped around each other to from _______
  3. very different from fats in structure and function; the carbon skeleton of a steroid is bent to form four fused rings
  4. the most abundant organic compound on Earth, forms cable-like fibrils in the tough walls that enclose plant cells and is a major component of wood
  5. made of one or two rings

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  1. Tryglyceridemade of a glycerol molecule joined with three fatty acid molecules via dehydration reactions


  2. Organic Chemistrythe study of organic compounds


  3. Hydrocarbonsorganic molecules containing only carbon and hydrogen atoms


  4. Hydrolysismeans that they do not mix with water


  5. Macromoleculesin animals they serve as a primary source of dietary energy; in plants, they are used as a building material to for much or the plant body