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  1. RNA
  2. Hydrocarbons
  3. Saturated
  4. Dehydration Reaction
  5. Monomer
  1. a small molecules
  2. b organic molecules containing only carbon and hydrogen atoms
  3. c meaning that they contain the maximum number of hydrogen atoms
  4. d the process of cells linking monomers together
  5. e Ribonucleic Acid; single stranded

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  1. the process of digesting giant molecules to make their monomers available to your cells, which can then rebuild the monomers into your own brand of macromolecules.

  2. simple sugar
  3. in animals they serve as a primary source of dietary energy; in plants, they are used as a building material to for much or the plant body
  4. made of a glycerol molecule joined with three fatty acid molecules via dehydration reactions
  5. are synthetic variants of testosterone, the male sex hormone

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  1. Primary Structurethe specific amino acid sequence


  2. Fatconsists largely of molecules of trglyceride


  3. Double HelixA molecule of DNA in double-stranded sequence, with two polynucleotides wrapped around each other to from _______


  4. Trans Fata type of unsaturated fat that is even more unhealthy than saturated fat


  5. Nitrogenous Basemade of one or two rings