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Bussey Text Structures 5th


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The author describes a topic, idea, person, place, or thing by listing characteristics, features, examples, definitions.
The author describes items or events in order. Tells the steps to follow to do something or make something.
The author explains how two or more things are the same or how they are different.
The author lists one or more causes & effects. CAUSE: why something happened. EFFECT is what happened. (sometimes the effect is listed first).
The author states/tells about a problem then lists one or more possible solutions for the problem.
(Persuasive) The author presents a question then proceeds to answer it.
Arranged in order of time of occurrence
Because As a Result Consequently Reason why
Cause & Effect Signal Words
Similar Alike Both Different from As opposed to
Compare / Contrast Signal Words
First Next After that Then Finally
Sequence Signal Words
Problem Dilemma One answer is A reason is
Problem / Solution Signal Words
For instance An example The topic word repeated
Description Signal Words

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