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Formulas that release exterior wind heat

Sang Ju Yin (mulberry leaf and chrysanthemum decoction)
s/s: (similar to yin qiao san but better for treating cough), slight fever, slight thirst, eye problems. T: unremarkable. P: floating rapid. Modifications: add tian hua fen for pronounced thirst and gua lou pi and zhe bei mu if transforming into phlegm. Path: early stage warm febrile dx (wei level), wind heat common cold with cough. FX: release exterior wind heat, stops cough by facilitating flow of lung qi. Herbs: 2 chiefs- Sang Ye and Ju Hua (CARE) release ext heat and clear heat from eyes. 4 Deps: Lian qiao and bo he strengthen chiefs' releasing properties; jie geng (tf phlegm cold) and xing ren (stop cough and wheeze are dui yao pairs that facilitates lung qi flow; lu gen (clear heat drain fire) clears heat via urine and generates fluids), gan cao clears heat and harmonizes actions of other herbs. BM: URTI, influenza, early bronchitis, acute tonsilitis, acute conjunctivitis
Yin Qiao San (honeysuckle and forsythiae powder)
s/s: similar to sang ju yin but better for releasing exterior and clearing heat, fever, slight or no chills, headache, thirst, cough, sore throat, T: red tip + white or yellow coat, P: floating rapid. DX: early stage febrile disease (wei to early qi level), common cold with sore throat and fever, FX: disperses wind heat, clears heat, relieves toxicity (add bo he last 5 min); Herbs: 2 chiefs - Jin Yin Hua and Lian Qiao clear heat from lung and relieve toxicity; 4 deps: Jie Gen and Niu Bang Zi spread lung qi to improve throat functions; Bo He and Dan Dou Chi help chiefs release ext heat. 4 Assts: Jing Jie boost exterior releasing properties without producing dryness; dan zhu ye and lu gen (both clear heat drain fire) generate fluids and alleviate thirst, gan cao works with lu gen to generate fluids and alleviate thirst, works with jie geng to treat sore throat. BM: urti, influenza, acute bronichitis, measles, mumps, acute endometritis, early encephalitis/meningitis
Sheng ma Ge Gen Tang (Cimicifugae and kudzu decoction)
s/s: measles or rashes that are patchy and splotchy (not enough qi or fluids in body to completely expel rash); fever and chills; headache, generalized body aches, sneezing, coughing, red eyes, tearing, thirst. T: red and dry, P: floating rapid. Dx: early stage measles (heat in lu and st), Fx: releases muscle layer and vents rashes. Chief: Sheng Ma vents rashes, clears heat from st. Ge Gen moistens dry skin and vents rash. Zhi Gan cao augments qi, relieves toxicity, vents rash and clears heat. Chi Shao (invigorates blood) cools blood. BM: influenza, chicken pox, measles, rashes
Chai Ge Jie Ji Tang (Bupleurum and kudzu decoction to release muscle layer)
increasing fever and decreasing chills, headache, stiff extremities, orbital and eye pain, dry nasal passages, irritability and insomnia. T: thin yellow tongue coat, P: floating an dslightly flooding. Dx: unresolved ext wind cold which has become constrained and is turning to heat (simultaneous tai yang and yang ming). Fx: releases pathogenic influences from muscle layer (tai yang)while clearing internal yang ming heat Chai Hu and Ge Gen release exterior and muscle layer, Qiang huo and bai zhi treat painful extremities, headache, eye pain; huang qin and shi gao clear internal heat; jie geng helps chiefs; bai shao ton bloodgancaoshengjiangdazao