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Drawings are a universal method of expression that are intimate and familiar and portable, and can be done quickly.


Invented paper

Paper Charateristics

Plant fibers, beaten to a pulp, mixed with water, & stretched over a mesh frame (like a window screen) to dry


Powdered coloring material,


Substance that holds pigment together


Graphite or lead; softer is darker; harder is lighter. Can be edited
(Pablo Picasso, Studies for Guernica, 1937.)
(Chris Ofili, Prince among Thieves with Flowers , 1999.Pencil on paper)


Sharp metal tip, usually thin silver wire, is used to scratch a drawing into a coated surface.
(Filippino Lippi, Figure Studies, c. 1490. Metalpoint, white gouache (opaque watercolor, pink paper.)


Burnt wood sticks; vine charcoal is the best
(Lion Panel, Chauvet Cave, c. 25,000 B.C.E. Charcoal & other earth pigments.)


Uses a nonfat binder with the pigment; flakes easily

Crayons & Pastels

A fatty or greasy binder (such as wax) is used to bind the pigment.
(Edgar Degas, The Singer in Green, c. 1884. Pastel on blue paper.)


Beautiful writing. calagriphic medium


Calligraphic lines that suggest movement, varying between thick & thin


Focus is on the idea, rather than on the artwork itself.
(Sol LeWitt, Wall Drawing #912, 1999. White pencil & black pencil grid on gray walls.)


Art that involves ceiling, walls & floor
(Raymond Pettibon, Installation at Regen Projects, Los Angeles, 2000.)


A plant the egyptians used as a writing surface

Cave Walls

Oldest realistic, or naturalistic drawings known (Lion Panel, Chauvet Cave, c. 25,000 B.C.E)


A liquid that holds the pigments together (also called a vehicle)


An ingredient that ensures that the paint will stick to the surface or support to which it is applied. Paint is applied on a


A surface on which the artist works (such as paper, canvas, board), which has been prepared with a

Ground or Primer

A preliminary coating


Thin, translucent layers of color


Thick "paste-like" paint "Starry Night"

Liquid Media:

Pen & Ink/ Brush & Ink Wash


Mixed with wax and resin and burned
in, as a heat source passes over the surface: builds up the texture surface


Dry pigment is mixed with water & applied to a damp plaster wall or ceiling. Must be worked one small area at a time. Drys quickly


Media and medium are also used to refer to all materials used in a work of art.

Grisaille "french for gray"

A painting technique executed in gray-scale values before color glazes.


Italian for "light-dark." In two-dimensional, realistic art, it is the technique of using light & dark values to show light and shadow, especially as they show the shape of a three dimensional form


An aqueous (water) medium like watercolor, with the durability of oil.
Most common binder is egg yolk. Casein (milk-based protein is also used.


Brillant Pigment is combined with oil (flawless glowing) as the binder & vehicle. Turpentine, or mineral spirits are used to thin the paint & make a glaze.


Clear Pigment with a medium of water & gum arabic that acts as a binder. Usually, white is not added, using the transparent effect of water instead over a white surface.

Buon fresco

"True fresco," paint made simply of pigment and water is applied to wet lime.


Watercolor with an inert white pigment added for opacity. Similar to poster paints.


Synthetic/ polymer (plastic) paint perfected in 1950's. The medium & binder is acrylic resins & water, Mimic oil, fast drying


A French word for pasting or gluing. Refers to the practice of attaching actual objects to a surface.

Blurring Two and Three Dimensional Concepts

Off the Wall! "Paintings" that extend off the wall & onto the floor or ceiling, as with installation art.
(Polly Apfelbaum, Big Bubbles, 2001. Synthetic velvet, fabric dye.1,040 pieces.), (Matthew Ritchie, Parents and Children, 2000. Acrylic marker on wall,enamel on sintra)


Use of computer to draw, as in AUTOCAD (Computer Aided Drafting)

Wall Art

Drawings directly on the wall - going full circle, back to the Chauvet Cave drawings
(Gary Simmons, Boom, 1996. Chalk and slate paint on wall)

Leonardo da Vinci

An artist, scientist, and thinker. Chiaroscuro light & dark, more painting then drawings, Fresco was his favorite medium

Fresco secco

Dry plaster support


A mixture of white pigment and glue hat sealed the wood and could be sanded and rubbed to a smooth, ivorylike finish.

Sol Lewitt

The first contemporary artists to create wall drawings. He create the instructions for making the drawing and entrusts their execution to others.

Jacob Lawerence (1917-2000)

Painted the upheavall of the civil rights movement

Alla prima "Italian for all in one go"

The technique of completing a painting in a single session as opposed to building it up slowly over a period of time. Features opaque impasto and visible brush strokes.

Edgar Degar

Drew a grid to transfer the drawing to a painting "Dancer Adjusting Her Slipper 1873"

A painting's frame characteristics:

Sets it apart, like a jewel.

Media and Medium

Refer to all materials used in a work of art.


Uses Fresco medium, "The School of Athens, 1510-11

Diego Rivera

Brought fresco back into the public eye"

Paint is made of?

Pigment, Medium, Binder

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