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A&P RS7 Accessory Organs of the Skin

sebaceous glands
produces an accumulation of oily material that is known as a blackhead
arrector pili
tiny muscles, attached to hair follicles, that pull the hair upright during fright or cold
sweat gland-eccrine
perspiration glands with a role in temperature control
hair follicle
sheath formed of both epithelial and connective tissues
sweat gland-apocrine
less numerous type of perspiration-producing gland; found mainly in the pubic and axillary regions
found everywhere on the body except the palms of hands and soles of feet
primarily dead/keratinized cells
cutaneous receptors
specialized nerve endings that respond to temperature, touch, etc.
sebaceous glands
secretes a lubricant for hair and skin
"sports" a lunula and a cuticle