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Appointment with Love and Cold Equations Midterm Review English 2

The conflict in Appointment with Love
Man vs. Man- lieutenant Blandford vs. the older woman who wasthe fake Maynell Hollis. Man vs. Self- Lieutenant vs. himself asking the older women or the younger woman to dinner.
Lieutenant found Maynell Hollises name in a book he purchased. He wanted to get to know her and start writing letters. They agreed to meet for dinner. Maynell tested Lieutenant Blandford by having an older women act as her to see if Blandfords would have dinner based on what he saw physically.
The rose he gave to Maynell
Character Portrayal
Blandford is friendly, caring and compassionate but fearful about meeting an older women.
Point of View
3rd person
Anxiety. Did the Lieutenant get to meet the real Maynell Hollis? Excitement when he was told the real Maynell was at the restaurant when she ended up being younger.
The beginning was a military base. End was a train Station
Name plate in the book which was where Lieutenant Balndford first Saw Maynells name and caused him to look up her address.
True Love Passes a Test. barton didnt care if Maynell was fat or old. His letters proved to see if he loved her if she was inside rather than what she looked like on the outside. He asked the older woman out to dinner since he thought she was Maynell even though he would have been attracted to a younger woman instead.
Who is the pilot of the EDS in the Cold Equations?
Lieutenant Barton
Why did Marilyn sneak onto the ship in Cold equations?
To see her brother who was in the military.
Foreshadowing in cold equations
The Cold Equation was irrevocable which meant something terrible would happen to Marilyn. The ship didnt decelerate as fastbecause barton Wanted to keep Marilyn on the ship as long as possible.
Character portrayal
Lieutenant Barton- was an EDS pilot compassionate. Obeys to the rules of space. They seem to be believable because they talk to each other.
A stowaway, Family oriented, and naive. Able to show lieutenant Barton show his compassionate side.
The commander
Lieutenant Barton calls him on the phone. In charge but begins ato show compassion when he finds out the stowaway is a girl.
Point of View
3rd person
Suspenseful, sad when Marilyn found out that she would be fJettisoned and thrown out the plane and couldnt see her brother.
The EDS space ship
Medication to help take care of the people.
The EDS Ship- Survival of the ship on Woden.
Death for Marilyn
Letter to her brother- showed they are meeting each other and getting together.
Man Vs. Self- Lieutenant Barton Jettisoning Marilyn into space.
He could not Save her. Man Vs. Nature without being thrown out of the plane.
Lieutenant Barton an EDS pilot meets a girl Marilyn and she wants to go see her brother on Woden. she was going to Mir a Mar for a job. Barton was supposed to deliver Kala Fever Serum. Lieutenant Barton has to decide whether to let her stay or get rid of her because he might run out of fuel.
She could see her brother even though she dies.