Unit 5


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To know in a covenant sense
What are some of the parallels between Genesis and Exodus?
Traveling east: exile for sin. The ark and the basket: the ark saves Noah and the basket saves Moses. The idea of fighting between brothers: Cain and Able and the Hebrew brothers. The good brothers are shepherds: Able, Moses. Being afraid after sin: Adam and Eve, Cain, Moses. The pharaoh isn't named in either book. Naming cities after themselves: Cain, Pharaoh. God remembers his covenant in both books.
Why did the Pharaoh want to kill all the male children of Israel, but not the females?
He knew the males would grow up to be strong fighters. By only killing the males he would eventually get rid of all of the Hebrews because the females would marry Egyptians.
What incident caused Moses to rebel agianst the Egyptians?
He saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew slave.
Who was Zipporah?
Moses's wife.
How did God identify himself when Moses approached the burning bush? What did this answer indicate?
The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. This is significant because all of their descendants end up slaves in Egypt. But, God remembered his covenant. It shows that he is the God of Israel.
What was Moses' first excuse when God told him he was to go back to Egypt?
Who am I that I should go to the Pharaoh?
How was Moses told to identify the God of Israel to the Jewish people?
I am, Yahweh- the most sacred name of God in the old testament.
What is the usual response to God's call to prophets in Scripture?
Excuses and unfaithfulness.
What was the first demand Moses was told to make to Pharaoh?
To let them go for a 3 days journey.
How did Pharaoh react to Moses and Aaron's plea to go sacrifice to God?
He doubled the work of the Hebrew slaves.
Why would the Israelites not be able to sacrifice to God among the Egyptians?
When they go worship God it would require them to kill Egyptian gods for sacrifice.
What are the meanings of the 10 plagues?
Each plague was designed as a judgement of each Egyptian god.
What is the pattern of the plagues?
It was split into 3 groups of 3. The first two plagues came with a warning, but the third did not.
Why did the Israelites sprinkle lambs blood on their doors on the night of the Passover?
So that their first born sons would be spared. It shows trust because they were advertising themselves as enemies to the Egyptians.
What were the instructions for the ceremonial feast?
To eat unleavened bread, to roast the lamb (instead of boiling it), and to wear their traveling clothes while eating.
What else was required for the Passover?
They had to observe a week-long Passover every year, so that they would never forget what God did for them.
What was the symbolism of the blood?
Jesus' blood on the cross.
How did God keep the Egyptians from catching the Israelites?
He put a pillar of fire between them.
How did God succeed in defeating the Egyptians that came after Moses?
They drown in the red sea.
What does the red sea crossing symbolize?
What was it like before the golden calf?
Israel was supposed to be a nation of priests, their purity was to allow them access to God, God's law was simple (love God and love your neighbor.)
What was the golden calf?
It represented the cult of apis, worshiped with drunkenness and sexual promiscuity, the tribe of Levi are the only one's who didn't participate.
What was it like after the golden calf?
Only the Levites were priests and had access to God, they act as a buffer between God and the people to keep Israel alive, God's law becomes complex in Leviticus.
God's ___ and ________ is always a sign of his ____.
law, punishment, love
What miracles does God perform in the desert for the grumbling Israelites?
He sends mana for them to eat, and he made a dry rock spew water for them to drink.
Of what Sacrament is the manna a type?
The Eucharist
What is the significance of God choosing the Israelites as a nation of priests?
All of Israel would have direct contact with God, they were supposed to be examples for the rest of the world.
How did Moses seal the covenant between God and Israel after God had given the Ten Commandments?
He built an altar and made sacrifice.
How long was Moses alone on the mountain with God? What did God show Moses?
40 days and nights. The blueprints for the Tabernacle.
Why did Moses make concessions regarding God's law?
The Israelites were so rebellious.
Where did Aaron get the gold to make the Golden Calf?
From the jewelry of the Israelites.
What Egyptian god did the Golden Calf resemble?
What opportunity did God offer Moses when Israel turned away to worship the Golden Calf?
The chance to be the new Abraham.
Why was Israel spared from God's wrath after worshiping the Golden Calf?
Because Moses was so selfless that he turned down God's offer to be the new Abraham.
What was the symbol of the broken tablets?
Of the covenant that broke.
What were Moses' orders for the Levites who were still loyal to God?
To be priests, and to kill all of the men that were participating in the celebration or worshiping the golden calf.
Which tribe became the priests of the nation, mediating between God and Israel?
The tribe of Levi.
Why did God make the Israelites abide by so many new laws after their fall in Exodus?
To remind them constantly of their sin and remind them of who to worship.
What was the purpose of the laws of ritual purity?
To teach humility, so that they wouldn't worship false gods.
Where did the Levites obtain the instructions they needed to write the book of Leviticus?
God gave them to Moses in the Tabernacle and he told them to the Levites.
What does Leviticus mean?
Having to do with the Levites.
What was the purpose of the laws God gave to Israel in Leviticus?
To teach the Israelites to be more holy.
What did some of the Levitical laws cover?
Their every day life, their relationship with others, what they could and couldn't eat, sacrifice, how the priests were ordained, pretty much everything.
A weakness of the will that keeps us from doing what is good, right, or just.
What is the book of Numbers called in the Hebrew tradition?
The first law
Why didn't Israel go straight into the Promised Land?
Because they didn't trust God.
Who were Caleb and Joshua?
The only two Israelites that trusted God, so they found their way to the promise land.
What was Israel's punishment for refusing to believe that Canaan could be conquered with God's help?
They were sent back into the wilderness to die.
Why was Moses never to be allowed in the Promised Land?
Because of his people's unfaithfulness.
As soon as the next generation entered the Promised Land, what did they fall into?
Worshiping false gods
What does Deuteronomy mean, literally?
The second law
The laws of Deuteronomy came in the words of _________ instead of being spoken directly in the voice of God.