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  1. spinal cord connects to brain at the
  2. brain structure that processes visual and auditory sensations, somatic reflexes and maintains consciousness
  3. functions of CSF
  4. the thalamus and the hypothalamus make up the
  5. hemishperic lateralization
  1. a 1-cushioning
    2-support (floats)
    3-transport nutrients, waste and chemical messengers
  2. b diencephalon
  3. c medulla oblongata
  4. d midbrain (superior part of brain stem)
  5. e each hemisphere of the cerebrum is responsible for its own set of functions independant from the other hemisphere

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  1. pons (middle of brain stem)
  2. substantia nigra is damaged or neurons secrete less dopamine causing overactive basal nuclei to increase muscle tone and muscles unable to relax. every mvmt becomes voluntary and mentally trying
  3. opposite
  4. receives info about taste
  5. type of axon of cerebral white matter, interconnect areas of cerebral cortex within a single hemisphere

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  1. the midbrain, pons and medulla oblongata make up the ___ ___brain stem


  2. ventricles of braintwo lateral vetricles, septum pellucidum, third ventricle, fourth ventricle


  3. auditory association areamonitors auditory cortex and processes the info


  4. commissural fiberstype of axon of cerebral white matter, allow communication between hemispheres


  5. primary sensory cortexlocated in cerebrum, directs voluntary movement by controlling somatic motor neurons in the brain stem and spina cord


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