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  1. the prosencephalon, mesencephalon and rhombencephelon are the three ___ ___ ___
  2. the telencephalon ultimately forms the ___ of the adult brain
  3. brains structure that modifies respiratory activity of medulla oblongata, relays info to cerebellum and sense/motor of cranial nerves for face and internal ear
  4. visual cortex
  5. functions of CSF
  1. a in occipital lobe of cerebrum, receives visual info
  2. b cerebrum
  3. c pons (middle of brain stem)
  4. d 1-cushioning
    2-support (floats)
    3-transport nutrients, waste and chemical messengers
  5. e primary brain vesicles

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  1. in frontal lobe, coordinates info from entire cortex, performs abstract thoughts
  2. midbrain, pons and meulla oblongata
  3. in temporal lobe of cerebrum, receives info about smell
  4. monitors auditory cortex and processes the info
  5. substantia nigra is damaged or neurons secrete less dopamine causing overactive basal nuclei to increase muscle tone and muscles unable to relax. every mvmt becomes voluntary and mentally trying

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  1. substantia nigra of midbrain releases ___ whcih inhibits activity of basal nucleidopamine


  2. functions of cranial meningespad and stabilize position of brain


  3. connects the lateral ventricles with the third ventriclesubconscious control of skeletal muscle tone and coordination of learned mvmt patterns


  4. isolates neural tissue from general circulationeach hemisphere of the cerebrum is responsible for its own set of functions independant from the other hemisphere


  5. hemishperic lateralizationmidbrain