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  1. functions of CSF
  2. connects the lateral ventricles with the third ventricle
  3. auditory cortex
  4. premotor cortex (somatic motor association area)
  5. hemishperic lateralization
  1. a in temporal lobe of cerebrum, receives info about hearing
  2. b responsible for the coordination of learned movements
  3. c 1-cushioning
    2-support (floats)
    3-transport nutrients, waste and chemical messengers
  4. d interventricular foramen
  5. e each hemisphere of the cerebrum is responsible for its own set of functions independant from the other hemisphere

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  1. ADH and OXT (antidiuretic hormone and oxytocin)
  2. cerebellum
  3. receives info from ALL sensory association areas. essential for personality, integrates info into complex visual and auditory memories
  4. masses of gray matter within each hemisphere of cerebrum
  5. relay sensory info to the basal nuclei and cerebral cortex. acts as a filter sending only necessary sensory input

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  1. cardiovascular and respiratory reflex centers are located in the ___ ___brain stem


  2. region of the brain that adjusts voluntary and involuntary motor activity based on sensory info and memories of mvmtdiencephelon (thalamus and hypothalamus)


  3. ADH is also known asvasopressin


  4. mesencephalonmasses of gray matter within each hemisphere of cerebrum


  5. functions of Rt hemsipherepad and stabilize position of brain