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  1. association fibers
  2. longitudinal fissure
  3. olfactory cortex
  4. auditory association area
  5. mesencephalon
  1. a separates the two cerebral hemispheres
  2. b type of axon of cerebral white matter, interconnect areas of cerebral cortex within a single hemisphere
  3. c in temporal lobe of cerebrum, receives info about smell
  4. d monitors auditory cortex and processes the info
  5. e midbrain

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  1. midbrain, pons and meulla oblongata
  2. blood-brain barrier
  3. interventricular foramen
  4. diencephalon
  5. regions of the cerebral cortex that monitor, interpret and process incoming data

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  1. neural cortexin occipital lobe of cerebrum, receives visual info


  2. each cerebral hemisphere reveives info and sends info to the ___ side of the bodymidbrain, pons and meulla oblongata


  3. brain structure that processes visual and auditory sensations, somatic reflexes and maintains consciousnesspons (middle of brain stem)


  4. region of the brain that adjusts voluntary and involuntary motor activity based on sensory info and memories of mvmtcerebellum


  5. relays sensory info to thalamus, contains auronomic centers for regulation of visceral function (HR, BP, RR, digestive, etc)pia mater, arachnoid mater, dura mater