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  1. the thalamus and the hypothalamus make up the
  2. the prosencephalon, mesencephalon and rhombencephelon are the three ___ ___ ___
  3. brain structure that integrates sensory input with motor output subconsciously
  4. visual association area
  5. primary motor cortex
  1. a diencephelon (thalamus and hypothalamus)
  2. b located in cerebrum, directs voluntary movement by controlling somatic motor neurons in the brain stem and spina cord
  3. c monitors visual cortex and interprets results (visual cortex allows you to see a string of letters, association area processes them allowing you to read)
  4. d primary brain vesicles
  5. e diencephalon

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  1. midbrain (superior part of brain stem)
  2. in frontal lobe, coordinates info from entire cortex, performs abstract thoughts
  3. receives info from ALL sensory association areas. essential for personality, integrates info into complex visual and auditory memories
  4. regions of the cerebral cortex that monitor, interpret and process incoming data
  5. motivational system, responsible for emotional states and behavioral drives and learning

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  1. the telencephalon ultimately forms the ___ of the adult braincerebrum


  2. each cerebral hemisphere reveives info and sends info to the ___ side of the bodymidbrain, pons and meulla oblongata


  3. isolates neural tissue from general circulationeach hemisphere of the cerebrum is responsible for its own set of functions independant from the other hemisphere


  4. neural cortex (gray matter) that covers cerebellumLogic, analytics, math, speech, reading, writing, decision-making


  5. cardiovascular and respiratory reflex centers are located in the ___ ___medulla oblongata