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  1. locations that the blood-brain barrier is incomplete (mostly for hormone secretion/interaction)
  2. limbic system
  3. brain structure that processes visual and auditory sensations, somatic reflexes and maintains consciousness
  4. the major region of the brain used for memory, intelligence and complex motor function
  5. each cerebral hemisphere reveives info and sends info to the ___ side of the body
  1. a hypothalamus, pituitary gland, pineal gland and choroid plexus
  2. b opposite
  3. c motivational system, responsible for emotional states and behavioral drives and learning
  4. d cerebrum
  5. e midbrain (superior part of brain stem)

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  1. 1-cushioning
    2-support (floats)
    3-transport nutrients, waste and chemical messengers
  2. recognizes faces, emotions, 3D relationships
  3. pad and stabilize position of brain
  4. two lateral vetricles, septum pellucidum, third ventricle, fourth ventricle
  5. located in cerebrum, receive somatic sensory info from receptors for touch, pressure, pain, vibration, taste and temp

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  1. cranial nerves are numbered?based on attachement point on brain moving anterior to posterior (CN I is most anterior and CN XII is the most posterior)


  2. General interpretive area (Wernicke's area)monitors auditory cortex and processes the info


  3. functions of Lt hemisphere of cerebrumrecognizes faces, emotions, 3D relationships


  4. adjusts postural muscles, fine-tunes movements conscious and subconscious based on proprioceptive infocerebellum


  5. commissural fiberstype of axon of cerebral white matter, allow communication between hemispheres