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  1. adjusts postural muscles, fine-tunes movements conscious and subconscious based on proprioceptive info
  2. visual association area
  3. substantia nigra of midbrain releases ___ whcih inhibits activity of basal nuclei
  4. olfactory cortex
  5. hemishperic lateralization
  1. a in temporal lobe of cerebrum, receives info about smell
  2. b cerebellum
  3. c each hemisphere of the cerebrum is responsible for its own set of functions independant from the other hemisphere
  4. d dopamine
  5. e monitors visual cortex and interprets results (visual cortex allows you to see a string of letters, association area processes them allowing you to read)

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  1. Logic, analytics, math, speech, reading, writing, decision-making
  2. opposite
  3. link cerebral cortex to pons, brain stem and spinal cord
  4. blood-brain barrier
  5. separates the two cerebral hemispheres

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  1. the midbrain, pons and medulla oblongata make up the ___ ___diencephalon


  2. portion of the neural cortex (gray matter) that covers the cerebrumcerebral cortex


  3. the major region of the brain used for memory, intelligence and complex motor functioncerebrum


  4. functions of basal nuclei (in cerebrum)subconscious control of skeletal muscle tone and coordination of learned mvmt patterns


  5. limbic systemin occipital lobe of cerebrum, receives visual info