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From Gafi french immers

Mélanie a vu

Melanie saw

il est là

it's there/here

il est à moi

it is mine

il a vu

he saw

il lit

he reads

il y va

he goes there

il y est

he is

il lave

he washes

elle lave

she washed

elle lit

she reads

elle a perdu

she lost

il a lu

he read

elle a lu

she read

il lui fait peur

He scares him/her

elle a peur

she is afraid

il arrive

he arrives

elle rit

She laughs

il a ri

he laughed

elle dit

she says

il pompe

he pumps

il part

he leaves

il parle

he speaks

elle parle

she speaks

elle fait

She does/makes

il fait

he makes/does

il/elle répare

he/she repairs

il ne répare pas

he/it does not repare

elle goûte

she tastes

il porte

he is wearing

tu portes

you wear/ you are wearing

elle apporte

she brings/carries

tu tapes

you type/touch/rap

il joue

He plays/he is playing

tu joues

you play/are playing

il trotte

he/she jogs, trots, scurries

il attrape

He catches

elle a pris

she took

elle pose

she asks???

il arrive

he arrives

il regarde

he looks/watches

il crie

he yells/shouts

il tire

he pulls

il mord

he bites

elle imite

she imitates

je rame

i train????

il murmure

he murmers

elle mime

she mimics

je trouve

i find

tu joues

you play

il pourra

he will be able to (fut. pouvoir)

tu cours

you run???

il roule

he rolls

ils font

They do/make

il boude

he sulks ??

il a bu

he drank

elle bout

she/it boils

il barbote

it bubbles

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