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  1. -poietic
  2. metaphysis
  3. -sclerosis
  4. sesamoid bones
  5. periosteum
  1. a flared portion of a long bone shaft, adjacent to the physis (growth plate); in adult animals, it is considered part of the epiphysis
  2. b the tough, fibrous tissue that forms the outermost covering of bone
  3. c small round bones embedded in tendons (i.e., patella)
  4. d abnormal hardening
  5. e pertaining to formation

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  1. thin flat bones, usually curved (i.e. ribs, shoulder blades, pelvis, and skull)
  2. Shaft or middle region of long bone that is composed mainly of compact bone
  3. surrounding
  4. blood
  5. cartilage segment of long bone that involves growth of the bone: also called growth plate or epiphyseal cartilage

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  1. distal epiphysisthe end of the bone that is located nearest to the midline of the body


  2. oste/o-bone


  3. meta-beyond


  4. Ossificationformation of bone from fibrous tissue, continues until maturity.


  5. hematopoieticred bone marrow located in cancellous bone