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  1. pneumatic bones
  2. irregular bones
  3. long bone
  4. metaphysis
  5. medullary cavity
  1. a unpaired bones (i.e., vertebrae and hip)
  2. b sinus containing bones (i.e., frontal bones of skull)
  3. c inner space of bone that contains yellow bone marrow
  4. d flared portion of a long bone shaft, adjacent to the physis (growth plate); in adult animals, it is considered part of the epiphysis
  5. e bones consisting of a shaft, two ends, and a marrow cavity (i.e., femur)

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  1. abnormal softening
  2. structure
  3. break
  4. mainly composed of fat fat cells and serves as a fat storage
  5. the tough, fibrous tissue that forms the outermost covering of bone

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  1. osteoblastsimmature bone cells that produce bony tissue


  2. -sclerosisabnormal hardening


  3. hematopoieticred bone marrow located in cancellous bone


  4. physiswide end of long bone which is covered with articular cartilage and composed of cancellous bone


  5. osteocytesmature osteoblasts