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  1. -blasts
  2. physis
  3. -malacia
  4. flat bones
  5. sesamoid bones
  1. a abnormal softening
  2. b small round bones embedded in tendons (i.e., patella)
  3. c immature
  4. d cartilage segment of long bone that involves growth of the bone: also called growth plate or epiphyseal cartilage
  5. e thin flat bones, usually curved (i.e. ribs, shoulder blades, pelvis, and skull)

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  1. lighter, less strong bone that is found in the ends and inner portions of long bones; also called spongy bone
  2. the end of the bone that is located farthest away from the midline
  3. hard, dense, strong bone that forms the outer layer of bone; also called compact bone
  4. tough fibrous tissue that form the lining of the medullary cavity
  5. unpaired bones (i.e., vertebrae and hip)

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  1. -clastsimmature


  2. -sclerosisbreak


  3. osteoblastsimmature bone cells that produce bony tissue


  4. meta-between


  5. -poieticsurrounding