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  1. short bones
  2. pneumatic bones
  3. -poietic
  4. long bone
  5. -sclerosis
  1. a abnormal hardening
  2. b pertaining to formation
  3. c sinus containing bones (i.e., frontal bones of skull)
  4. d bones consisting of a shaft, two ends, and a marrow cavity (i.e., femur)
  5. e cube shaped bones with no marrow cavity (i.e. carpals)

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  1. break
  2. surrounding
  3. immature bone cells that produce bony tissue
  4. growth
  5. immature

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  1. Ossificationmature osteoblasts


  2. sesamoid bonescube shaped bones with no marrow cavity (i.e. carpals)


  3. dia-between


  4. flat bonesthin flat bones, usually curved (i.e. ribs, shoulder blades, pelvis, and skull)


  5. -malaciaimmature