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  1. -sclerosis
  2. medullary cavity
  3. hemat/o
  4. hematopoietic
  5. -poietic
  1. a inner space of bone that contains yellow bone marrow
  2. b pertaining to formation
  3. c blood
  4. d abnormal hardening
  5. e red bone marrow located in cancellous bone

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  1. cartilage segment of long bone that involves growth of the bone: also called growth plate or epiphyseal cartilage
  2. small round bones embedded in tendons (i.e., patella)
  3. the tough, fibrous tissue that forms the outermost covering of bone
  4. mainly composed of fat fat cells and serves as a fat storage
  5. bones consisting of a shaft, two ends, and a marrow cavity (i.e., femur)

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  1. irregular bonesunpaired bones (i.e., vertebrae and hip)


  2. epiphysiswide end of long bone which is covered with articular cartilage and composed of cancellous bone


  3. -clastsimmature


  4. short bonescube shaped bones with no marrow cavity (i.e. carpals)


  5. -malaciaabnormal softening