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  1. carpal bones
  2. pelvis
  3. tarsus
  4. dewclaw
  5. acetabulum
  1. a small animals irregular shaped bones; ankle
  2. b large socket of the pelvic bone that forms where where the three bones of the pelvis meet
  3. c functionless claw projecting caudally from ruminant fetlock
  4. d hip; bony structure including the ilium, ischium, pubis
  5. e wrist; Irregular-shaped bones. In small animals is called carpus, large animals called knee

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  1. largest of the pelvis; pair of blade-shape bone
  2. singular bone of the digit (one finger/toe)
    (Phalanx 3 or P3 maybe called claw in nonhooved animals)
  3. rounded projection
  4. large, flat, broad projections on a femur bone
  5. head of the femur connected to femoral neck

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  1. ulnalarge weight bearing bone distal long bone of the rear limb


  2. pastern jointbetween short pastern and coffin bone of equine; joint between P2 and P3


  3. ungulatesanimals with hooves


  4. pubisventral pair of bones that help makes up the pelvis


  5. splint bonestwo bones on either side of the cannon bone in horses (shin bone)