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  1. digits
  2. navicular bone
  3. stiffle joint
  4. humerus
  5. acetabulum
  1. a the bone of the proximal front limb, between the shoulder and the elbow
  2. b joint that houses the patella
  3. c large socket of the pelvic bone that forms where where the three bones of the pelvis meet
  4. d sesamoid bone found in the hoof of a horse on the palmer or planter surface
  5. e Fingers

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  1. distal long and slender bone of the rear limb
  2. Small nodular bones embedded in tendons or a joint capsule. Often found in the hands and feet, the largest is the patella.
  3. a structure between bones, such as the muscles between the metacarpals
  4. cartilaginous joint at which two pubic bones fuse together
  5. wrist; Irregular-shaped bones. In small animals is called carpus, large animals called knee

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  1. femoral neckthe narrow area just below the head of the femur


  2. talusshort the bone in the ankle that articulates with the leg bones to form the ankle joint


  3. metacarpalssmall animals irregular shaped bones; ankle


  4. meta-caudal bone of the front limb


  5. olecranoncombining form for claw