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  1. meta-
  2. sesamoid bones
  3. pelvis
  4. carpal bones
  5. pubic symphysis
  1. a Small nodular bones embedded in tendons or a joint capsule. Often found in the hands and feet, the largest is the patella.
  2. b hip; bony structure including the ilium, ischium, pubis
  3. c beyond
  4. d wrist; Irregular-shaped bones. In small animals is called carpus, large animals called knee
  5. e cartilaginous joint at which two pubic bones fuse together

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  1. The proximal bone of the hind or lower limb that is the longest and largest bone in the human body, extends from the hip to the knee
  2. sesamoid bone int he rear limb on the caudal surface of the stiffle; region behind the knee
  3. caudal bone of the front limb
  4. joint that houses the patella
  5. bones of the fingers and toes

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  1. patellacaudal bone of the front limb


  2. digitscranial bone of the front limb


  3. coffin jointbetween short pastern and coffin bone of equine; joint between P2 and P3


  4. hockcaudal bone of the front limb


  5. humerusarea of the rear limb between the stifle and hock; the leg from the knee to foot


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