21 terms

MAT 100 Exam #1 Review (Vocabulary)

an infinite, ordered list of numbers
explicit formula
a formula that gives nth term directly without calculating intervening values
recursive formula
a formula that gives the next value in the sequence depending on previous value or values
arithmetic sequence
adds a constant value (common difference) to find the next term
geometric sequence
multiplies by a constant value (common ratio) to find the next term
rigid motion
moving an object from a starting position to a stopping position without altering its shape
the shape after it has undergone a rigid motion
fixed point
a point that remains unchanged under a rigid motion
axis of reflection
a set of points that remain fixed under a reflection motion
improper rigid motion
reflection is an improper rigid motion because it does not preserve handedness
identity motion
image looks exactly like the original before the motion was applied
the center of a rotation motion
vector of translation
how far and in what direction a translation motion done
a rigid motion that moves the object back onto itself
an infinite object consisting of infinitely repeating basic design called a motif
replacement rule
a scale independent rule that specifies how to substitute one piece for another (in a fractal)
some part of the larger object is the same as some part of the object under magnification
types of self-similarity
exact, infinite, universal, approximate, finite and local
the golden ratio: (1+sqrt(5))/2
one object is a scaled version of the other
an object, when attached to another object, creates an object similar to the original object