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WEAX201, Mod 2, Ch 4

The total mass of water vapor stored in the atmosphere at any moment is about __ of the world's supply of precipitation.
1 Week
The percentage of water vapor present in the air compared to that required for saturation is the:
relative humidity
The temperature at which water boils depends mainly on:
air pressure
Which of the following statements is not correct?
The relative humidity is a measure of the air's actual water vapor content
As the air temperature increases, with no addition of water vapor to the air, the dew point will:
Remain the same.
The main reason why vegetables take longer to cook in boiling water at high altitudes is because:
The temperature of the boiling water decreases with increasing altitude.
Transpiration is:
release of moisture by plants into the atmosphere
When the air is saturated, which of the following statements is not correct?
An increase in temperature will cause condensation to occur.
As the air temperature increases, the air's capacity for water vapor:
The ratio of the mass of water vapor in a given volume (parcel) of air to the mass of the remaining dry air describes the:
mixing ratio
When the air temperature is below freezing, the saturation vapor pressure over water is __.
greater then the saturation vapor pressure over ice
Suppose it is snowing outside and the air is saturated. The air temperature and dew point are both 15 °F, and the actual vapor pressure is 3 mb. If this air is brought indoors and warmed to 75 °F, what would the relative humidity of this air be, assuming that its moisture content does not change? (The saturation vapor pressure at 75 °F is 30 mb).
10 percent
The Gulf Coast states are more humid in summer than the coastal areas of Southern California mainly because of the:
higher water temperature in the Gulf of Mexico
Suppose the dew point of cold outside air is the same as the dew point of the air indoors. If the door is opened and cold air replaces some of the warm air, then the new relative humidity indoors would be:
Higher than before.
If a glass of water were surrounded by saturated air:
the level of the water in the glass would not change
On a hot, humid day a measure of how cool the human skin can become is the:
wet-bulb temperature
Evaporative coolers are primarily used in climates where the summers are:
hot and dry