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We are likely to have our highest relative humidity blank in the day:

about sunrise

If two temperatures read nearly the same when in a sling psychrometer, you can conclude:

the air has a high relative humidity

The dew point is the temperature at which:

water vapor condenses to a liquid

When air temperature increases, the saturation specific humidity:


A BETTER indicator of the actual amount of water vapor in the air is:

dew-point temperature

If the air temperature remains constant, evaporating water into the air will what the dew point and what the relative humidity

increase, increase

The type of fog that results from the evaporation of falling droplets into the air is known as:

precipitation fog

Frost forms through through the process of:


When warm, moist airs, moves over a colder surface, fog may result:


All of the following units can be used to represent humidity except:


If the temperature remains unchanged and the specific humidity drops, the RH will increase:


If the specific humidity remains unchanged and the temperature drops, the RH will increase:


The absolute humidity of the air is expressed as a percent:


The capacity of air to hold water vapor is temperature dependent:


The relative humidity is a measure of the airs actual water vapor content:


Dew point is ALWAYS given as a percent:


Relative Humidity is always given as a percent


If you turn on your oven and open its door, the increase in air temperature should raise the RH inside your home:


Suppose the air temperature inside your home is 30C and you lower it to 26C. As long as the moisture content of the air inside does not change, the Relative Humidity should increase:


Steam fog forms as a mass of cold, dry air passes over a warm, moist surface:


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