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Neolithic Revolution


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the time during the development of human culture before the appearance of the written word
adult female hominid that was found by Donald Johanson's team in 1974
Paleolithic Period
the era in prehistory that dates from at least 2 million B.C. to about 10,000 B.C. Also called the Old Stone Age.
Neolithic Period
The New Stone Age, the final era of prehistory, which began about 10,000 B.C. until the end of prehistory.
people with no permanent home; move from place to place in search of food,
Old stone age people
use tools, were hunter-gatherers and fished, use of fire for cooking, light (people can live in colder climates). Women and children gathered nuts and berries.
Cave Paintings
Prehistoric wall art, the religious beliefs of Old Stone age people were discovered through cave paintings.
First Villages
Jericho and Catalhuyuk
Mary and Louis Leakey
Made many discoveries in Africa of hominid remains.
Old Stone Age Weapons
Weapons and tools were made from stone, bone, or wood.
Clothing: Old Stone Age
Animal skins were used for clothes
The belief some people had that the world was full of spirits and forces that lived in animals, objects, or dreams.
People learned to farm during the New Stone Age began. Farming allowed people to produce their own food.
Neolithic Revolution
the transition from nomadic life to settled farming.
Raise and control plants and animals for human use. Domestication was important because it gave people an endless supply of food. Examples include: plants were grown each year and harvested and animals were used for food, clothing, and shelter.
Three BIG Changes of the Neolithic Revolution
1. First Villages (Jericho and Catalhuyuk). 2. The role of men 3. New Technology
What was the significance of the Neolithic Revolution?
The advances in technology and culture made during the Neolithic Revolution led to the emergence of great cities and civilizations. Civilizations would soon arise along the great rivers of the world.
Role of Men in Neolithic Revolution
Men came to dominate family, economic, and political life. Only men could become warriors, chiefs, and businessmen and head of the house.
New Technology in the Neolithic Revolution
New Technology was developed that made life easier such as the wheel barrow and grinding bowl.