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Localized collection of pus that may be under the skin or deep within the body qnd cause tissue destruction.


Rigid tube that surrounds a blunt trocar or a sharp, pointed trocar inserted into the body; when withdrawn fluid my escape from the body through the cannula.


Act of scraping a body cavity with a surgical instrument.


Opening or widening the circumference of a body orifice with a dilating instrument.


To cut or separate tissue located deep in the skin that covers muscles and body organs.


Sheet or band of fibrous tissue located deep in the skin that covers muscles and body organs


Abnormal, tube like passage between internal organs or from an internal organ to the body surface


Open space, such as within a blood vessel, the intestine, the inside of s needle, or examining instrument


Metal rod with a smooth, rounded tip that is placed into hollow instruments to decrease injury to the body tissue during insertion.


Open condition of a body cavity or canal


Tumors with a stem, frequently found on mucous membranes


Metal probe that is inserted into or passed through a catheter, needle, or tube used for cleaning purposes or the facilitate passage into a body orifice.

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