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All 40 Characters from CME book 1 that need to be memorized in Book 1 of "Chinese Made Easier", second edition. Pinyin will no longer be shown for these characters so you must learn them. I have added a picture detailing the proper stroke order if you plan to learn to write the characters.

yī Means: 1

qī Means: 7

wàn means: ten thousand

sān Means: 3

bù (bú) means: not (the negative)

liǎng means: 2 ( is always followed by a measure)

gè means: (general measure)

me means: (interrogative particle)

jiǔ means: 9

yě means: also; too

èr Means: 2

wǔ Means: 5

rén means: man; person; people

shén means: what

tā means: he; him

men means: (noun suffix to indicate plural)

nǐ means: you

bā Means: 8

liù Means: 6

shí means: 10

qiān means: thousand

ma means: (interrogative sentence particle)

nǎ means: which?

sì Means: 4

tā means: she; her

hǎo means: good; well; O.K.

wǒ means: I; me

shì means: to be

yǒu means: to have; there is/are

méi means: (negative marker)

bǎi means: hundred

de means: (indicates possession)

bǐ means: pen; writing instrument

gěi means: to give (to)

yào means: to want; want to; going to

qǐng means: to/request to; to invite; please

zhè means: this

nà means: that

dōu means: all; both

wèn means: to ask; inquire

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