CME B1 - 40 Memory Characters - Chinese Made Easier Book 1

All 40 Characters from CME book 1 that need to be memorized in Book 1 of "Chinese Made Easier", second edition. Pinyin will no longer be shown for these characters so you must learn them. I have added a picture detailing the proper stroke order if you plan to learn to write the characters.
yī Means: 1
èr Means: 2
sān Means: 3
sì Means: 4
wǔ Means: 5
liù Means: 6
qī Means: 7
bā Means: 8
jiǔ means: 9
shí means: 10
bǎi means: hundred
qiān means: thousand
wàn means: ten thousand
liǎng means: 2 ( is always followed by a measure)
gè means: (general measure)
rén means: man; person; people
wǒ means: I; me
nǐ means: you
tā means: he; him
tā means: she; her
men means: (noun suffix to indicate plural)
yào means: to want; want to; going to
bù (bú) means: not (the negative)
ma means: (interrogative sentence particle)
de means: (indicates possession)
hǎo means: good; well; O.K.
méi means: (negative marker)
yǒu means: to have; there is/are
qǐng means: to/request to; to invite; please
shì means: to be
gěi means: to give (to)
bǐ means: pen; writing instrument
shén means: what
me means: (interrogative particle)
nà means: that
nǎ means: which?
zhè means: this
wèn means: to ask; inquire
dōu means: all; both
yě means: also; too