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  1. a
    de means: (indicates possession)
  2. b
    rén means: man; person; people
  3. c
    méi means: (negative marker)
  4. d
    gè means: (general measure)
  5. e
    yào means: to want; want to; going to

5 Multiple choice questions

  1. shén means: what

  2. wàn means: ten thousand

  3. qǐng means: to/request to; to invite; please

  4. liǎng means: 2 ( is always followed by a measure)

  5. wǔ Means: 5

5 True/False questions

  1. nǐ means: you


  2. hǎo means: good; well; O.K.


  3. wèn means: to ask; inquire


  4. hǎo means: good; well; O.K.


  5. dōu means: all; both