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  1. a
    bǎi means: hundred
  2. b
    men means: (noun suffix to indicate plural)
  3. c
    nà means: that
  4. d
    zhè means: this
  5. e
    yào means: to want; want to; going to

5 Multiple choice questions

  1. méi means: (negative marker)

  2. sān Means: 3

  3. de means: (indicates possession)

  4. jiǔ means: 9

  5. nǐ means: you

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  1. tā means: she; her


  2. gè means: (general measure)


  3. wèn means: to ask; inquire


  4. rén means: man; person; people


  5. ma means: (interrogative sentence particle)