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  1. What separates the injury sites where a person would become paraplegia or quadriplegia?
  2. What is the incidence of SCI?
  3. All deficits of Radiculopathy are ___.
  4. What possibly helped save Kevin Everett?
  5. ASIA B) An incomplete lesion consists of:
  1. a Above or Below the Thoracic Spine
  2. b 40 cases per million
  3. c Ipsilateral and Specific.
  4. d Only sensory or only motor is impaired
  5. e Cool liquid treatment to the crush injury that reduced inflammation during spinal shock.

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  1. Loss of neurological function in a single spinal root.
  2. Hemicord Syndrome
  3. 30%
  4. Lesion on one side of the cord.
  5. Sensory and motor in the majority of key muscles and muscle grade greater than 3/5

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  1. What is the most common SCI?Transverse Myelopathy


  2. ASIA C) An incomplete lesion consists of:Only sensory or only motor is impaired


  3. What is Spindylosis and what can it cause?Hemicord Syndrome


  4. What is usually affected for a lesion at the center of the spinal cord?Spinothalamic (pain and temp) bilaterally, and alpha motor neurons. usually at the level of injury or one segment below


  5. ASIA A) Complete Lesion consists of:Sensory and motor in key muscles, muscle grade less than 3/5