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  1. What is the most common SCI?
  2. what happens during 48-72 hours after a SCI?
  3. What percent of persons with paraplegia return to work?
  4. What % of persons with tetraplegia (quadriplegia) return to work?
  5. what is Anterior Chord Syndrome?
  1. a 40%
  2. b Transverse Myelopathy
  3. c Majority of residual functions will be clear
  4. d 30%
  5. e Lesion damage to anterior 2/3 of cord bilaterally at some level.

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  1. No sensory or motor function
  2. Hemicord Syndrome
  3. Motor and Sensory are Normal.
  4. Sensory and motor in the majority of key muscles and muscle grade greater than 3/5
  5. Vertebral bodies collapse on each other from osteoporosis and it can cause Anterior Cord Syndrome.

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  1. What is most important for OT's when working with SCI?Precautions set forth by MD's


  2. What is Hemicord Syndrome?Lesion on one side of the cord.


  3. In recovery how long is the SC in Spinal Shock? What happens during this time?Further recovery is rare, most recovered function will already be discovered


  4. What is a Transverse Myelopathy?Lesion that complete crosses the spinal cord.


  5. What can cause Radiculopathy?Herniated Disk, Foramenal Encroachment from arthritis.