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  1. What is the most common SCI?
  2. What is usually affected for a lesion at the center of the spinal cord?
  3. ASIA E) ?
  4. What is the incidence of SCI?
  5. What % of persons with tetraplegia (quadriplegia) return to work?
  1. a Spinothalamic (pain and temp) bilaterally, and alpha motor neurons. usually at the level of injury or one segment below
  2. b Transverse Myelopathy
  3. c 30%
  4. d 40 cases per million
  5. e Motor and Sensory are Normal.

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  1. Majority of residual functions will be clear
  2. Sensory and motor in key muscles, muscle grade less than 3/5
  3. 24-48 hours, Inflammation
  4. Lesion damage to anterior 2/3 of cord bilaterally at some level.
  5. Corticospinal (motor), and Spinothalamic (pain and temp), Alpha motor neurons.

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  1. 6 Months after SCI what happens?Lesion damage to anterior 2/3 of cord bilaterally at some level.


  2. What is Radiculopathy?Loss of neurological function in a single spinal root.


  3. What happens in a Hemicord Syndrome?Corticospinal paresis ipsilateral below lesion, Dorsal columns (proprioception) Ipsilaterally, Spinothalamic (pain and temp) contralaterally below lesion.


  4. ASIA D) incomplete lesion:Sensory and motor in the majority of key muscles and muscle grade greater than 3/5


  5. What is Spindylosis and what can it cause?Hemicord Syndrome


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