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  1. 6 Months after SCI what happens?
  2. What is Spindylosis and what can it cause?
  3. Look at Cauda Equina Syndrome
  4. what happens during 48-72 hours after a SCI?
  5. What possibly helped save Kevin Everett?
  1. a Majority of residual functions will be clear
  2. b <---
  3. c Further recovery is rare, most recovered function will already be discovered
  4. d Vertebral bodies collapse on each other from osteoporosis and it can cause Anterior Cord Syndrome.
  5. e Cool liquid treatment to the crush injury that reduced inflammation during spinal shock.

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  1. Corticospinal (motor), and Spinothalamic (pain and temp), Alpha motor neurons.
  2. Ipsilateral and Specific.
  3. Sensory and motor in the majority of key muscles and muscle grade greater than 3/5
  4. 40 cases per million
  5. Sensory and motor in key muscles, muscle grade less than 3/5

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  1. What happens in a Hemicord Syndrome?Corticospinal paresis ipsilateral below lesion, Dorsal columns (proprioception) Ipsilaterally, Spinothalamic (pain and temp) contralaterally below lesion.


  2. what is Anterior Chord Syndrome?Lesion damage to anterior 2/3 of cord bilaterally at some level.


  3. ASIA B) An incomplete lesion consists of:Only sensory or only motor is impaired


  4. What % of persons with tetraplegia (quadriplegia) return to work?40%


  5. What does C5 Tetraplegia mean?C5 is the last intact area of the spinal column.