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A (An) __________ is the lawyer who respresents the government in criminal court who's job is to present evidence to try to convince juries (or judges) that the defendant is guilty of committing a crime.
A (An) __________ is a person in a court case who has either been charged with a crime or is being sued.
If a person (group, company, government, etc.) has been harmed by another person (group, company, government, etc.), they can file a __________ to try to stop the harm from continuing and/or recover damages.
The __________ in a lawsuit is the person (group, company, government, etc.) who is suing another person (group, company, government, etc.) -- in other words, the person (group, company, government, etc.) who filed the lawsuit.
green card
Non-citizens who have permission to live and work in the United States on a permanent basis are issued a permanent resident card commonly known as a (an) __________.
When a government gives temporary permission to a foreigner to enter the country and stay for a limited amount of time, the government issues a __________ to that person. These can be given for many reasons, including tourism (vacationing), education (attending college), or to work.
A (An) __________ is a person who has fled their home (usually to another country) to escape a life threatening situation such as war or natural disaster.
ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile)
Extremely long range missile (3400 + miles) primarily designed for use with nuclear warheads.
Attorney General
The head of the Justice Department is the __________ of the United States.
majority leader
The most powerful member of the Senate (usually) is the Senate __________. Senator Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) currently holds this position.
minority leader
The Senate __________ is the highest ranking Senator from the party that controls fewer than half the votes. Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) currently holds this position.
Environmental Protection Agency
The Federal agency charged with minimizing the damage caused by pollution and other human activities is known as the EPA. What does EPA stand for?
National Security Advisor
The White House official responsible for working with the National Security Council to review information from the various intelligence agencies in the Federal government (17) and advising the President on issues concerning national security and foreign policy.
Central Intelligence Agency
The CIA is the __________.
Federal Bureau of Investigation
The FBI is the __________.