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C. connective tissue

elastic connective tissue
contains elastic fibers and is found in the lungs. this tissue allows the lungs to inflate during inhalation and return to their original shape after exhaling.
dense regular
packed with parallel bundles of collagen fibers and found in tendons. this tissue resits pulling forces applied by muscle.
hyaline cartilage
has a firm, gelatinous ground substance containing collagen fibers. this tissue is found in the treacheal wall to support and prevent the trachea from collapsing.
found under covering the lining epithelium. its extracellular matrix contains a losse arrangement of fibers, and its viscous ground substance facilitates the flow of interstitial fluid containing nutrients to the epithelial tissue. it also cushion and supports epithelia
elastic cartilage
contains many elastic fibers ina firm gelatinous ground substance. located in external ear, auditory tube, and epigolottis.
spongy bone
extracellular matrix forms trabeculae.
reticular connective tissue
forms a framework in the spleen, bone marrow, and lymph nodes. it contains fine, branching fibers.
dense irregular connective tissue
is packed with bundles of collagen fibers running in different directions. it is found in skin and allows skin to resist pulling forces from many directions
blood connective tissue
fluid extracellular matrix used to transport substances throughout the body.
adipose tissue
contains a large nuber of lipid- storing cells. it is found throughout the body, cushions and insulates organs, and stores lipids for future energy needs.
compact bone
hard extracellular matrix contains osteons; involved on protection and support.
firm gelatinous ground substance packed with bundles of collagen fibers. this tissue is found in intervertebral discs, pubic symphysis, and knee meniscus.
Fibroblast produce extracellular matrix for these connective tissue types.
areolar, adipose, reticular, dense regular, dense irregular, elastic,
osteoblasts produce extracellular matrix
spongy, compact bone
chondroblasts produce extracellular matrix
hyline, fibrocartilage elastic.
fibers not present unless injury occurs. extracellular matrix not produced by cells present in this tissue.