Review of English Tenses

It was raining
when we left home.
He was playing football in the park
when he saw his brother.
I was in Venice
last Saturday.
In Britain, people can drive a car
when they are 17.
I'll see you
when you get back.
I got lost
although I had a good map.
We stopped playing tennis
because of the rain.
We're moving to a new house
in two days.
He doesn't work here
any more.
I haven't emailed you
I bought my ticket yesterday.
I'm flying home next week.
Othello was written
by Shakespeare.
When the train finally arrived
she had been waiting for two hours.
He is having a shower
at the moment.
I used to have very long hair
when I was a child.
I lived there for five years.
(but I don't live there now)
I've lived there for two years.
(I still live there)
The phone had been ringing for several minutes
before I heard it.
She had driven ten kilometres
when the car broke down.
He couldn't get into the house
because he had lost the key.