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chem/o:drug cry/o:blue melan/o:black myc/o: cyan/o;blue derm/o,dermat/o:skin erythem/o; lip/o;fat necr/o;death onych/o: ras/o: chrondr/o; ili/o; fibr/o;fiber skelet/o;skeleton fasci/o; kinesi/o;movement my/o;muscle tendin/o,ten/o;tenden ton/o: mening/o: ment/o: myelin/o:myelin sheath poli/o;gray mater spin/o;spine spinal vascul/o:vein cerebr/o;brain encephal/o:small intestine hydr/o;water neur/o:nerve ambly/o: dipl/o:dubble blephar/o:nail corne/o:cornia conjunctiv/o:eyelid irid/o,ir/o: labyrinth…


..., to view


..., pertaining to, full of


..., state of; condition


cell, cell (suffix)


..., abnormal condition


treatment, treatment


..., an explosion (as of dynamite)


..., safe from harm; protected


..., surgical puncture to remove fluid


..., abnormal softening


..., disease


..., surgical repair or reconstruction


..., visual examination


..., order, coordination


..., condition; state; thing, condition


..., structure, substance


..., movement/motion


..., pouching or hernia


..., Sensation, feeling


..., speech


..., paralysis, stroke


..., one who measures


..., surgical fixation


..., abnormal fear


..., falling, dropping, prolapse


..., sight


..., turning


..., process of measuring


..., pertaining to


..., hearing condition


..., seizure, convulsion


..., enlargement, large


..., action, condition concerning the performance of movements


..., spitting


..., stopping, controlling


..., to remove or separate (blood into parts)

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